Wednesday, August 31, 2016

7+ weeks post op!

I went in Friday to get my "6" week checkup after the hysterectomy and got the blessing to resume life as normal!   The gyn said there are still some stitches up in there, but they'll dissolve soon. 

So apparently the ovaries do indeed still work.  I was driving into work yesterday and couldn't get comfortable in the car.  Once I got to work I realized that I was cramping in my lower back like the good ol' days.  Then today my belly felt really heavy, along with being crampy.  I kind of wished I still was carrying the belly binder around in my purse, but I had put it away at home.   It felt weird to be feeling that way without having Aunt Flo visiting!

Other than that, I've been feeling pretty good.   We went camping last weekend and it was nice to indulge in some adult beverages by the fire (and on the boat!).  One thing I noticed that I thought was odd.  At home, when I wake up in the morning, I have to flex my feet and rotate my ankles and stuff to ease my heel spur before I get out of bed.  Saturday morning I woke up in the camper and walked just fine.  My heel didn't bother me all weekend.  I wonder why that was?  I didn't do anything unusual.  It rained half of Saturday so we just sat around under the awning and visited.  We played games like washer-toss later.  Monday morning at home wasn't too bad, but it hurt more than on Saturday or Sunday. 

On the plus side, I got home from work this afternoon and relaxed for a while, then took the dog for a walk.  I was looking thru a tote in the garage for some fall leaves and stuff to put out to tide me over to Halloween decorating time, but I couldn't resist puppy-dog eyes.  
I somehow think Map My Walk's GPS is having issues.  It used to be, you know, accurate. 
 I'm pretty sure this is actually closer to 2.25 miles, but it said 4.1 miles and we did it in 47 minutes! 

So that's the scoop here.  Nothing particularly exciting.  I'm trying to get motivated to get more activity in, but it sucks having to get up in the morning when its still dark!  I love fall, but I don't love the shorter days.  I'll be out mowing the lawn tomorrow so I should get close to 10K steps again easily.  

Later, peeps!

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