Monday, September 19, 2016

10 days til set-up!!

Anyone who follows my blog(s) and / or any type of social media, knows that I love Halloween!  

I almost can't believe it, but next Thursday will be go-time!  Miss Angela's birthday is the 28th (more on that in a minute) so I wait until the day after to at least get the cemetery fence / sign / headstones / blowmolds up.  The rest gets filled in at my leisure.  I spent some time after work today going thru some boxes finding stuff that I've acquired in the "off"season and tucked here & there.  So indoor decor is slowly working it's way inside. 

I'm taking Angel to get another tattoo tomorrow - I'm such a bad influence!  She went with me to get one of mine touched up and that started it all.  I took her to get her belly button pieced on her 16th birthday, first tattoo at 18, now this!  This one will be fun (aka painful) - she wants words on her ribs.  "Life's a dance / sometimes you lead / sometimes you follow".  Yet another one that's pretty appropriate for her.  The first one says "live, love, dance" on her hip.
artistic iPhone with flashlight shot
"dew on pre-dawn rose"

The first weekend in October is pretty much shot - since Miss Angela is turning 19, there will be a trip to Canada.  It's pretty much a rite of passage for most kids in SE Michigan to head over into Ontario for their first "legal" alcohol since the drinking age is 19 across the border.  I personally missed out on this, since I was already in the Navy when I turned 19 (but I had older friends so it didn't matter!)  But I'll be her designated driver and at least one of my sisters is going, too.  I'm kinda of disappointed for her that Danny's closed & the building burnt down.  Danny's was a male strip joint in Windsor - heehee!  We took my niece there when she turned 19 and the 2 younger girls were looking forward to going, too.  Denied.  Boo. 

Sunday is our family's annual apple orchard trip to celebrate Angel & my nephew Austin's birthdays.  It's always a fun time, even tho they're getting old! 

Last weekend, Angel & I braved the rain and drove to Hell for Hearse Fest!  Hell, Michigan is about 70 miles SW from here.  It's actually 3 buildings.  A store called Hell in a Handbasket, an ice cream "creamatorium" called Screams and the Hell Hole Bar.  There's also a putt-putt golf course and a tiny chapel where yes, you can get married in Hell.  I'd never been to this event, but it was pretty fun!  There were vendors selling all sorts of cool, spooky stuff (Here's the slideshow), people in costumes, a DJ, food at the Casketeria and of course - hearses!  I took a bunch of pictures, but my camera apparently didn't like the rain and most of my pics were slightly out of focus - but here's a link to my post about it.  
I blended in with all the rest of the Goth-wannabes with my black shirt, hoodie, skeleton necklace & coffin earrings - too bad I had on jean capris.  Angel was 'basic white girl' in her Pink hoodie and leggings & Nike's and beanie hat.
Gosh, what else? 
Daisy has a weird foot fetish?  This happens every morning while trying to brush my teeth.
Mmmm.  Pumpkin spice x 2!
There's no way I could pass up a Thanksgiving nutcracker at the Salvation Army!

The dance season is off to a slow start.  There are 2 new teachers at the studio this year, but one has a scheduling conflict with her college courses, so there is going to be some class rearranging and Saturday classes until the semester is over.  Longtime teacher Gabby just got married and is still on her honeymoon, so her classes are being covered by someone else.  It's not very productive right now!  There's a team parent meeting Wednesday, so it'll be neat to find out about the newest endeavor - a production!  Meghan is planning a production routine of Clue.  She's already picked out the leads - the biggest girls will be the characters (Angel will be Miss Peacock because she looks good in blue).  The next younger girls will be the weapons and the littlest ones will be maids.  They'll be going jazz, tap, hiphop & lyrical in this!  I'm going to volunteer to help with the props.  We've only used an actual prop once in the last 10 years!

We have the first injury of the season already!  Angel has been trying for several years to get her aerial - basically a cartwheel without using your hands.  She's got the power & the height but could never get her head into it to keep those hands up.  Finally - on the same day last week, her & another girl who has been trying forever, too, both did it!  And had to do them several times to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  Then the next day, they both had sore calves on the left side - the landing side.  And Angel is still gimping on hers.  In fact she was really hobbling over the weekend so we had to stop at the store on the way to Hell to get some pain patches to put on it.  She must have pulled a muscle pretty good or something.

That catches up everything here.  Plans are still rolling along to combine my 2 blogs, I'm looking forward to making this happen.  It seems pretty straight-forward.  Hopefully it doesn't have any glitches, fingers crossed for an easy transition.

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