Sunday, June 5, 2016

Drama part II

And I'm hoping & praying that this is the final installment!  Feel free to send some good mojo our way!

So Miss Angela called me at work on Thursday, around 3pm.  I could tell she was upset when she yelled into the phone that Ronnie was a f'ing asshole.  I was like OK....this wasn't the first time I'd heard this statement.  I heard a lot of commotion and yelling & asked her if he was at our house? Since she was NOT supposed to be at his, due to her punishment from last week.  Sure enough, that's where she was.  I told her to just get in her car and leave!

So I got home shortly before 4 and this kid's car was in my driveway!  I debated whether or not to pull in behind him, but then he came storming down the driveway, got in and peeled out down the road.  So as I pulled in the driveway, I saw it was littered with stuff, so I just parked at the far end.  There was a broken picture frame, fake flowers, all sorts of stuff broken all over the place - and both glass and mirror shattered all over.  I went into the house and found more broken glass all over the kitchen & in her room & a fist shaped hole in Angel's bedroom door!  She was beyond pissed.

Apparently when she stopped at his house for whatever reason, she got a Snapchat from her friend Lauren.  Ronnie doesn't like Lauren and thought Angel shouldn't have any contact with her.  She's been friends with Lauren longer than she's known him!  So that was what set him off.  Apparently things were broken there, too but not as badly as at my house.  So the "official" breakup happened (again) but he told her he didn't want the ring back that he'd given her.  But when she left, he followed her back to our house and told her he did want it back!

So she was going to go get it from her room, but he was afraid she was going to lock him out, so he shoved his way into my house!! and proceeded into her room to grab everything he saw that he'd ever given her. So that was the stuff all over the driveway.  She took the ring & threw it across the yard.  Side note - if he truly knew her personality, he would have known that ring was NOT to her taste.  It was big & obnoxious & didn't even fit her little fingers.

He proceeded to drive back & forth in front of the house several times before parking out front.  I went out & told his was not not welcome here any more and he needed to leave.  He told me (in the loudest voice I've ever heard out of him - like a regular person's normal volume) that he was looking for his f'ing ring.  I said OK, I hope you find it soon because I will be mowing the lawn this afternoon. Then I went & called his mom.  Told her that her psycho ass kid was out in front of my house and I genuinely feared for Angel's safety.  She said kept saying she didn't know what was going on because he was just so head over heels about her, blah blah blah.  I told her he needed to get over that, because it was done and he needs to stay away from her.  She said she'd have his Dad call him.  Woo.

This was one time I was glad the metal fence post that was broken from the end of the driveway was still handy.  If he would have come back up towards the house and I felt threatened - I wouldn't have hesitated to clock him with it!

He drove back & forth a few more times and then parked again and stood at the back of his car.  I went out there again and asked why he was back.  He told me he was waiting for the police to get there.  I said great!  So I can show them what you did inside my house!!  What kind of moron causes all sorts of havoc in someone else's house, then proceeds to stand out front & call the cops??   Sheesh.

I called Randy to fill him in since he was still in Arkansas.  I barely got the basics out when the first 2 patrol cars pulled up.  A uniformed officer & a plain-clothed went to Psycho Boy out in the road and another officer and a chaplain came up the driveway to us.  I introduced myself and gave them a brief rundown of what all I'd seen, then the officer directed the rest of his questions to Angel.

Then the third car pulled up (must have been a slow day for the STPD!) and I swear everyone in the neighborhood either drove, walked or rode their bikes by.  Glad this happened before the elementary kids got home from school.  Nobody was home at the 3 houses directly across the street.  I'm thinking at least one person was home next door so I'm sure they reported the action to the rest of the family.  Mortifying.  At least we weren't the ones standing out in the road!  Anyhoo.

So the general consensus was, they both handled situations badly.  The police asked if we wanted to press charges (he was going to try to say she both assaulted him because he cut his hand when he broke her mirror in his fist and that she raped him - because she's 18 and he's 17)  Oh puh-leeze.  He's easily twice her size!  We haven't sat down to talk with Randy yet, but she has until tomorrow afternoon to turn the report in.  She heard from his friend Nate (the third party from last week's debacle) that he wasn't going to press charges on his end.  I sure hope he wasn't lying to Nate!

The officer also told her that when the police get involved with a relationship - it's over.  There's no possibility of it being mended.  I honestly think she's relieved!  I drove her to dance that evening just in case Creeper Boy was waiting around the corner for her.  And she happily was sitting there on the way, blocking his contact from all forms of social media and deleting a photos & texts.  I told her she'd been out of high school for a year now, she doesn't need to be dealing with anything related to high school - including the people who still go there (except for the girls at dance, of course!)  She's an adult and there's a whole wide world of opportunities out there!

They'd been dating for 8 or 9 months, and I swear I've tried to like the kid, for her sake.  But there was just something creepy about how quiet he was.  I've never heard him laugh & the very few times I saw him smile, it looked like it hurt him to do so.  He was inconsiderate when it came to doing things. If she talked him into doing something with us, he was on his own time frame - which meant late.  I got the impression he had less personality than an old shoe.  His mom tried to tell me its because he's painfully shy and that's why he goes to a special school half day, it's because of his social anxiety.  It could also be from her not shutting up long enough for anyone else to talk!

I still am concerned about his stability, so I will - at the minimum - get her some pepper spray.  Randy suggested self-defense classes and if need be - one of the drivers at my work is a certified firearms instructor.  I'd like for her to at least be familiar with Randy's old side-arm from when he was a constable.   Ya just never know.

After I dropped her off at dance, I went home & mowed the lawn.  We don't know for sure if he found the ring or not, so I half-heartedly looked for it while doing the front yard but it didn't immediately leap out at me.  I was really concentrating on keeping my line straight with the mower so I didn't have to make eye contact with the neighbors walking their dogs by - who I've chatted with while out walking many times, but they NEVER come down in front of our house!!

Whew.  I'm done with all this.

Gratuitous fun photos, since every post needs them!

 Daisy was rolling around playing with a hair tie.
Damn she's cute!

Jack at my sister's house, acting like Kisses is gonna get him!
I love this picture!  

Laurie & I went to Menard's yesterday to do some shopping.  We went upstairs to where the kept the boxes of lawn furniture & stuff and as soon as the elevator doors opened, we saw this guy!  I almost died laughing!  It was later when we noticed the chainsaw next to him!



  1. Wow! That's nuts. My daughter is a black belt in Taekwondo so I feel pretty good about her ability to physically take care of herself. That all just is scary. I hope it is the last of it.

    1. That's a good skill to have, too! I haven't heard anything else about him, so I'm truly hoping he's out of the picture FOREVER!

  2. Sounds like a spooky little beast. Hope that you have him take the hint, police wise... eep. Good thoughts to you!

    1. Beast - that's a good term for him! Thanks for the toughts!


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