Thursday, June 30, 2016

Home Sweet Home!

OK, we got home Monday night, but this is my first real chance to sit down and write. 

I have to break the week in Charleston down into multiple posts, or it would be crazy long.  Lots of adventures! 

Another reason that I haven't written is because I'm feeling heart-broken, anxious, and a whole lot of other emotions that make me feel like I want to cry and / or throw up.  I'm not even sure what all happened, but Miss Angela (hopefully, temporarily) moved out within the hour of us getting home from the airport.  

It's a long story that I'm not even sure how it escalated so quickly, but she & Randy got into a huge fight and she "needed to get out".  But he wouldn't let her leave the house until she had a plan.  She wasn't just wandering the streets at 10:30 at night, so he made her call one of her friends to come get her, since we took her phone and car keys.  Luckily Brittney came to get her, and agreed to keep us informed on what happened.  I wasn't surprised to hear she dropped her off at Psycho Boy's house (remember this story?) 

I didn't hear from her at all Tuesday, but she called yesterday and asked when I'd be home from work because she needed to stop by and get more work clothes.  I was happy to hear she's been spending more time at Brittney's and not at Psycho Boy's house. 

She apologized to me and said she missed me.  I miss her, too!  I even got a real hug out of her, that SHE initiated!  Normally she gives what we call flappy wing hugs.   I gave her the phone back.  I feel better now that I know she's OK and can get hold of her if I need to.  I told her she was welcome to come back anytime, but she didn't know if she could handle being around Randy.  I told her to take a few days away but she would need to come over and talk with him.  They've always clashed for some reason, probably because they're both stubborn butt-heads.  There are times I've felt like I've needed a referee shirt!  So she'll be back over this weekend. 

As extra incentive, I told her that I wasn't going to pay for her dance if she didn't live here.  Just doesn't seem fair and she got sad, but she agreed.  And sign-ups for summer classes are going on right now - they start next week!

So yeah.  All this stress, plus the knowledge that my surgery on the 11th is a real thing!  I've talked to the anesthesiologist about my medical history and also gotten pre-registered already.  I have to go for bloodwork within 3 days of the surgery and they'll be calling me on the 8th with times & locations, etc. 

Don't get me started on work!  Trying to get caught up, then ahead again since I'll probably be out 2 weeks for recovery.  And the co-worker is out 2 days next week, so I'll have to do her work......yeah.  Some things are NOT gonna get done.  Simple as that.  Unless they want to pay me a shitload of overtime!  

I need a drink. 

Haha so funny! I can be a real pill at work. I can be too serious, take my job too seriously. Sometimes I imagine it's hard on others. But, this is true! Lol:


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