Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

I'm finally over the plague!  There's still a residual cough, but it took a good week to feel close to normal. 

OMG - the kid finally got A JOB !! ! ! !! !  Apparently there had been a conversation at dance about what she was doing in all her free time (sitting on her ass in front of the TV) and her teacher told her she needed to come work for her.  She manages a Thai restaurant.  A couple nights later, Meghan messaged Angel and told her if she was really interested, to report to the restaurant the next morning at 10:45!  So she went and really liked it.  She'll be hostessing, but she learned a lot more than that while she was there.  HOORAY !!!

This weekend is a family trip to Ohio to see my brother and indulge in some shenanigans.  Randy has a meeting Saturday and Angel has training, so I'll be going without them!  But both my sisters, a brother-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew-to-be are all heading down there Friday morning.  It should be fun, maybe, hopefully!  Maybe even a trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival!  

So, I'm 95% done with my outdoor Halloween set up!  I have 2 headstones that are in mid-paint job and the 3 really big ones are leaning against the house because the damn wind blew them over and snapped the dowels holding them up.  So I need to replace those.  Right now it looks more like a skeleton party than a cemetery (12 full sized skeletons, 7 small ones, 3 dogs, 3 cats, a rat and some random loose bones) so hopefully it'll look better with the rest out.  

 These are my favorite guys out there - the little ones running with the Beagles.
I went thru my totes and only pulled some of the indoor decor out.  I didn't bother with the apothecary at all.  I didn't even fill every flat surface of the hall bathroom with fake rats (like I usually do, because Angela hates them!) I just put a couple in there.   It's plenty festive.

So I need to take the car for an oil change, take Daisy to the vet for her rabies shot (we took her in to get declawed last week and while she was groggy, she took a bite out of the vet!!) So I was INFORMED I needed to bring her in for her shot.  I need to run to the hardware store for new dowels.  I need to do some laundry.  And pack.  Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day!
She's clearly getting along quite well with Chester - here they are sharing my lap.  It's a quite the balancing act until Chester laid across Daisy's head and tried to smother her.   Her fur is really as silky as it looks! 

So that's all here.  I mainly wanted to get a post put up today so I could add this!


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  1. Your Halloween setup is just awesome! I love it! Also your pumpkins are so well done! Adorable!

    Yay for a job! That is awesome that she found something she enjoys doing!


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