Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Holy Crap!

Have I really not posted this month at all???

Damn, I suck.  On the plus side - I'm really happy with how my yard looks for Halloween!  Planning ahead for next year - more headstones for the cemetery!  It looks rather like a skeleton party right now (12 full sized ones, 7 little ones, 3 dogs, 3 cats and assorted loose bones!) Click HERE to see more - I have a blog just for H'ween goodness!
Anyhoo, not much to report.  I've been trucking along like the name of the blog says - slow & steady.  I've been losing 0.6 lbs here and 0.7 lbs there.  At least I'm on the downward spiral!

Did you know that Weight Watchers is getting rid of their Activelink activity monitor???  No one at my meeting place knew about this!
They must be planning a lot of changes, since they've been out of the spiral bound tracking journals for a good month that I know of.  And I popped in the office my work, too.  Nothing.  Oh, and when I checked out the online store, they offered a FitBit.  So I'm wondering if they're fazing out their own thing and just concentrating on systems that people may already have?  Guess I should start shopping around.  Any suggestions??

I'm sad right now - besides getting rid of my meeting time - I loved going right after work and getting it over with - my leader also left!  Fearless Leader Dez was the shit.  She had a dynamic personality and was funny and interesting and she made you really want to go to every meeting!  The lady there today was Meh.  Very vanilla.  She's only been a member of WW since last fall, lost 24 lbs to get to goal and is now working for them.  She wasn't very exciting at all.  I may consider looking around for other times.  In miles this office is closer, but in amount of traffic - the one I used to go to is much better.  I only changed offices because this one is closer to Miss Angela's dance studio.  But since she's driving herself now.....that doesn't matter to me!

The new kitten is obviously getting along with at least one of the older cats.  Here Daisy & Chester are sharing my lap.  It was quite the balancing act.  Then Chester chose to lie across my lap - on top of Daisy's head.

I'll leave you with this funny....


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