Thursday, September 24, 2015

Not much to report...

Was up 0.1 lb at weigh in yesterday.  I'm actually OK with that, since TOM sucks.  I felt all gross & bloated and all that fun crap.   I'm actually ready for bed now, so forgive me if I ramble some.

I totally missed tracking on Sunday, but for some reason it's harder to track on weekends!  I don't always go crazy, either.  Maybe because during the week, I have my phone sitting on my desk at work and I see the notifications pop up reminding me to track.  And on the weekends, I don't have it right in front of me?  Probably.
 Activity was decent.  Sunday was apparently just a lazy day!
 This is one of the WW Smart Ones Orange Sesame Chicken.  Where the hell do they think 11 grams of protein are hiding in this?????
On the plus side, Miss Daisy the kitten is settling in well.  The older cats are adjusting to her pretty well, too.  She's acting like a typical goofy kitten now, but she does her share of snuggling - she's on my lap, purring right now.  
Quick funny story before I sign off.  At the meeting yesterday, we had to fill out this sheet about "goals" with how many days we planned to exercise and how.  Then a goal of how much water we'd drink, APs we'd earn, what time we'd go to bed and ultimately how much weigh to lose. I circled 4 days and I'd walk the dog, mow the lawn, unpack Halloween stuff & clean up the blowmolds & headstones.  Then I'd drink 60 oz (being conservative there), earn 20 APs, go to bed at 10:30 (fail already!) and lose 2 pounds.  The twist was.....we folded up the papers and put them on a chair.  On the way out, we had to chose a paper and THAT is our goal for the week!  I'm going to stick with my original goals, since I went to a different meeting than usual (4pm instead of 6 because of road closures around here = horrid traffic).  There were some very large, older ladies in this class and I'm pretty sure I got one of theirs.  12 APs (I'm already at 6 after 2 days), 48 oz of water (I can do that by early afternoon), exercise 2 days (gardening & walking 1 mile) I walked 2.25 miles with the dog today.  And I'll have to wait until next week to see if I lost the 1 lb or not. 

I wonder what the person who got my sheet thought?  They're probably wondering who Jack is and what are blowmolds and how much activity could unpacking Halloween stuff really earn?  Muahaha!  I have a good corner of a 2 car garage and 2 sheds full of Halloween stuff!  (btw HERE is my blog for H'ween!)  Someone commented on my leaders FB page that her sheet said to earn 53 APs and lose 4 lbs!  INSANE!  She said she'd do that in a month, not a week!



  1. That exercise just seems so weird -- to use someone else's goals. I mean the whole point about goals is that they should be personalized.....

    1. I thought so, too. Someone who is very large and just starting their journey, like a couple of the ladies were, are going to look at even my average goals and be overwhelmed (or maybe inspired?) where I looked at the one I got and thought "pfft". It was interesting to see at least one other person's goals, tho.


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