Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

This was a nice un-productive weekend we had here at the Love Shaque.  I should have done a lot more outside, since it around 70 and sunny.  

Little Miss Daisy Mae is settled in nicely.  I took her to get checked out last Monday and she was put on a new antibiotic and eye drops and I take her back tomorrow for a second de-worming and the beginning of her vaccinations. She really does NOT like being in her carrier!  She worked herself into a frenzy, meowing & biting the door and the little booger got hold of my fingers with her little daggers and I couldn't get loose from her because I was driving!  Then she chomped on me with those sharp little baby teeth and I had to pull over so I could unhook her!  She's lucky she's cute. 
 She is finally eating by herself, starting to play with toys (which the older cats enjoy, too) and they're all starting to get along - or at least tolerate each other.
 Check out the new shirt I have!  Back in May, this happened and the local police department ran with the idea and came up with these shirts as a fundraiser for DARE and some other programs.  I wore it last week and couldn't believe how many people asked if I was a cop!  Really?  Are you not reading the words over top of the crest??  Or do you seriously think that is a real unit?
This is the back.  I don't know why it looks black - it's navy blue.
 So Friday was a special day for me.  It was my 20 year anniversary of becoming a Shellback (I wrote more about it here) - it's an awesome Navy tradition that happens when you cross the Equator for the first time.  I've been wanting to get a Navy-themed tattoo but it was always "someday".  Well, that day finally rolled around.  Friday also happened to be the local high school's Homecoming, so I made my appointment right after the parade so I could watch it.  I got to said appointment about 30 minuted early.  Chino and I chatted and plotted for over an hour while he custom designed my tattoo.  Then another hour & 20 minutes later....
I totally love it!  The left prong of the trident says AS34 for the USS Canopus.  The middle prong says PC2 with the AW in the center (for my rate and aviation warfare specialist designation) and the right prong says CVN72 for the USS Lincoln.  And of course - King Neptune carries a trident.
As it was - the parade lasted a whopping 17 minutes.  One of the lamest I've seen!  Only the HS marching band and none of the junior highs. The Homecoming Court.  The cheerleaders & dance team. The 3 class floats, a couple scout troops, the volleyball & swim/dive teams, a couple clubs.  And that's it!

Angel managed to find a (younger) guy to go to the dance with.  As a 'non-student' they had to fill out basically a permission slip signed my both me & one of his parents.  So it was all planned, but he still made the effort of finding out where she dances and going there while she was in class, talking to the owner of the studio (who went in and put the class on a break) and publicly asking her to go!  How sweet is that??!?!
Parental unit selfie
Lauren & Angel
Ronnie, Angel, Lauren & Shaun who looks sad all the time. 
So next Monday is Miss Angela's 18th birthday - and I'm taking her to get a tattoo, also!  She's been wanting one for a while and already knows what she wants.  It's small & meaningful for her and most importantly - she's getting it on her hip where it won't show in dance costumes!  

I need to get my butt in gear to get ready for Halloween set-up!  If Monday is Angel's birthday, it means Tuesday is fair game to start!  Have I mentioned my Halloween blog lately?  Maple Grove Cemetery.  My skeleton family has grown this year, but again....I would like to dress them in old dance costumes, but that will depend on the weather.  She most likely won't be wearing any of them again, but I still don't want them messed up.   So until that day - the skeletons will be naked or wearing creepy cloth. We also have a skeletal menagerie so they'll have lots of pets!!  

Anyway, time to feed Daisy dinner #2 before bed and that will tide her over until I get up at 5:30am.  Yay me!



  1. Beautiful tattoo! I want more but I'm not sure... I've got tons of ideas that mean something to me but I'm not sure where to put them.

    1. Thanks! That was my problem, too. That and finding a design that wasn't really manly. Saw a lot of really cool ones but didn't seem right for me.


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