Sunday, September 13, 2015

My little hemorrhoid...

(it's Sunday now, but I started writing this before midnight)

Weeelp, I'm a pushover. I said I didn't want another cat as long as my old man Chester was around...and I sure didn't want a baby if we did! So, say Hi to Daisy Mae!
I went out to my sister Laurie's house last Saturday to pick Miss Angela and her friend up from going tubing with Laurie and my other sister Linda. I couldn't help but visit the kittens! They were born in the barn on May 20 and Laurie brought them in the house about a month ago and they'd been in the basement pretty much since. Sadly one of the kittens didn't seem OK, so we took her to the vet and the poor thing ended up passing away before we could get her to the animal ER. (btw, x-rays showed something odd in her tummy so we think she hold of something she shouldn't have, but we don't know for sure what) So Angel and I went back out there Wednesday to help her wrangle the rest to the vet to get checked out. 

Protection in numbers
Cody is the little orange boy, Cassie is a long haired gray & white & Daisy is on the right. 
After being in the quiet, dim basement - there was a lot going on in the vet office! Anyway, I couldn't resist that little winky face! And it wasn't hard to convince Randy to let us adopt her. 
At the vet, they got wormed and were put on antibiotics and the plan was to bring her home in a week or so when the meds were done. But after the one kitty died, they all seemed off their feed and Daisy was particularly sad since they'd been partners in crime. Laurie didn't want to leave her at home when she wasn't eating well so Friday she had her at work and called me and asked what I wanted to do - she was going out of town Saturday morning and won't be back til Monday night. So here she is!
Randy experiencing the fuzz for the first time. He's as big a marshmallow as he looks!

I've been feeding her every 4-5 hours (NEEDY!) Until tonight, she hadn't been interested in eating on her own. I watered down some special high-calorie soft food and was feeding her with a syringe, giving her water the same way. But I'd offer her the bowl first and tonight she finally ate on her own!! Hooray!  Funny that she went after the crunchy kitten chow, tho. 

I'm still going to take her into my vet on Monday, now that she's officially MINE. Maybe they'll have some drops for that eye or something. 

Oooooo - what's that in there? 
She seems a bit odd for a kitten. She will explore around the house a little bit and I got her to bat at the strings on my hoodie tonight, but she's pretty content with just snuggling. She got up on the couch this afternoon before Randy and I went to eat and to 2 different stores - and she never left that spot! 
Jack had met her before, while he was at Laurie's.  He's just curious and would love to just sniff her and then he'd be OK.  She walked right by Chester, and he sniffed at her and I could just about hear him think "well, crap".  But he's surprisingly tolerant of her so far.  He did turn and attack Jack after Daisy went by.   Laurie said her adult indoor cat did the same thing to her dog when she first brought the babies inside.  Maddie however, isn't happy.  At first she acted like she couldn't believe her eyes!  Now they do a lot of growling and hissing at each other when they're in the same room.  Boy, for Daisy being so little, she tries to sound ferocious!  So they'll need to become adjusted.  Maddie is spending some quality time with her person Randy right now.

Last night, Daisy was locked in our bathroom with everything she needed and I could get up and feed her during the night, but tonight I saw her go into Angel's room.  Well, I'm not going in and looking for her.  A 2lb 6oz cat can hide pretty much anywhere!  She knows where the water bowl and litter boxes are.  But she may not know where the big cats' food is, since I never showed it to her.  I guess if she gets hungry enough, she'll come get me! 


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