Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Checking in.....

Quite pleased and surprised with a 2.6 lb loss tonight. Honestly - for lunch yesterday to celebrate a coworker's wedding, my boss bought the company lunch - broasted chicken & potatoes, chicken nuggets, cole slaw, biscuits.....good stuff! We all ate until we hurt, I swear! And today she took her department (which is me & 1 other person) and the sales guy out to lunch, to thank us for our hard work, and see what we thought of our work loads. They're negotiating to get a lot more business and she's thinking of hiring a third person to help out at night. Geri and I work in billing, but are physically located in the dispatch office, so we've both taken on some dispatch jobs, in addition to our own. So another person would be helpful - at least in my opinion!

check out this salad I had.....

Mixed greens with sun dried Michigan cherries, tomatoes, walnuts and crumbled Bleu cheese tossed in a Raspberry or Balsamic Herb dressing / Add Chicken

It was so good, but also hard to track since I didn't know exact amounts....I put it in eTools and it worked out to be at least 25 points.....but it was SO worth it!

I didn't track for beans last week. But I have been making sure I get to my meetings. My leader is someone I WANT to go hear, because she's such a character & people person, etc, etc, etc.

I'm so glad she does a 4 pm meeting as well as one at 6, since it took me 45 minutes to get there tonight (normally 15-20) because the state of Michigan / Macomb county / whoever in their infinite wisdom has 3 major roads closed in our area, which makes getting anywhere SUCK badly!

We got a new addition last Friday! Meet Daisy Mae. She was born May 20 in my sister's barn. She's the reason I have like ZERO activity on Saturday - she just wanted to snuggle and how could I resist this face?? The dog has no problems with her, the cat we expected to have the biggest issue more or less looked at her & shrugged his shoulders and the other cat is still a bit pissy about her. Lots of hissing & growling but it's slowly tapering down.

Whew - I think it's time to turn in! Daisy is having to be fed every 4 hours or so, which means getting up during the night to do so. She gets crunchy kitten chow, but she also needs special soft food to help her gain some weight. She'd been off her feed for about a week, since she lost a sibling the week before we got her and was sad. A growing kitten needs plenty of food! And we can't leave it down for her to graze yet, since we have 3 other Hoovers in the house who would eat it all for her. So Mom gets that job. Yay me!


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