Saturday, December 13, 2014


I had to get a post in today just so I could use that title!  Sadly I missed both 10:11 am and pm.  Oh well!

It was a lovely, totally useless day!  I had to get up with the dog at 7 am , then went back to bed.  I heard him stirring again at 9:30 but he didn't bother me, so I laid in bed and drifted in & out for a while.  I really wanted to go back to sleep but it didn't happen.  Around 2:30, we wandered into the living room and turned on the Army / Navy game to watch the Army get stomped for the 13th time in a row !  I admit to napping thru most of the first half - I'm not a football fan at all.
Then this evening I dropped Miss Angela off at the dance studio for their annual "Lock-In".  It's a fun sleepover in the studio - its supposed to give parents a chance to get Christmas stuff done but how much can you get done with drop off at 8??  I got her air mattress set up next to one of the choice spots - both by a friend and by an electrical outlet (to plug in the phone!) and was out of there by 8:02.

Randy & I went to have dinner at this adorable little diner called chomp and we walked up & down Main Street in Rochester, looking in shop windows & seeing the lights.

Of course there are tons of other people, but there's always someone willing to take a pic of you and I myself took a few of other people for them, too!

Then a stop at Tim Horton's for some hot chocolate and we are now in comfy lounge clothes and bed will probably happen soon.

Still haven't been in much of a mood to decorate.  I had a hard time finding places for my 100+ nutcrackers (probably closer to 120 now!), the cat decided she was going to climb the tree after never touching it for the past 2 years - a spank with a branch stopped that right quick!  But the 2 nativity scenes are out, the nutcrackers are settled in, the tree is decorated.  I think that's good enough!!  I haven't even felt the need to do any shopping, other than for actual presents, etc.

I finally got some suggestions from Randy, but no real ideas from the girl.  She wants her ears pierced again.  That's not anything I can wrap and put under the tree, ya know!  I'm going to make a coupon of sorts for her, she wants a North Face jacket, but I'm not sure what kind she wants, so the coupon will be for one of her choosing.   But I think she'll do OK. I told Randy I wanted a Red Wings nutcracker with a stick (good luck with that one!!!) and Angel I wanted a fuzzy steering wheel cover for my car. Normally I have to pick out and wrap my own presents, so hopefully I don't have to be disappointed this year.  That really kills the fun, not being surprised.

Let's see. Last weekend was my company Christmas party.  It was very nice. It's held at a fancy Italian restaurant that has incredible food.  We mingled for a bit.  Then ate, then the owner made a speech and there's some sort of cheesy entertainment - this year it was a game called "where am I?"  They showed a picture of something in the building and we had to guess where it was.  Most of us never have any reason of go into any of the higher-ups in the company's offices so we had no clue what they had!  Luckily, my boss Michelle was sitting at the table directly behind Randy and whispered answers to us. It's funny that 2 of the girls didn't recognize things in their own offices!  But I sure knew my funky turkey that sat on my desk all of November! My table guessed the most (thanks, Michelle!) and we each got a $50 bill!  Then they played some of those "Elf Yourself" videos and we all cracked up.  And we always get a bottle of wine that has a really pretty Christmas scene carved into it.  It was nice to get dressed up and go out.

The family was a bit cheesed, since that was also the weekend that Laurie chose for us to all get together & meet in Ohio to spend time with my brother.  Sorry - I had RSVPd to the party first!  So they went without us.  They met in Findlay this time.  Sorry - there just doesn't seem to be much to do in Ohio.  Plus I've been fighting a pulled ligament in my knee and I don't need to be anywhere near Terry, since he'd find a way to hurt me more!  He rough-houses way too much.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more of a productive day.  I need to get the house put together since we'll have someone coming in to check on the cats while we're in Arkansas, so I want it looking nice.  Monday & Tuesday will be busy at work.  I'm still not caught up from that week my coworker was off and she's gone again!  At least it was planned this time.  I need to get ahead as much as I can since I'll be gone almost 2 weeks!!  Thankfully most plants are shut down, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Ooo, gotta go so this'll post before midnight!  Later!

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