Friday, May 2, 2014


Whew!  The challenge was rough this time - life kept happening and I didn't plan my post ahead as well as I should have.  But only one was posted a day late and I didn't miss any at all!  

I'll be back Monday with my Reflections post and link it up on the A-Z Challenge page. 

It's been a rough week for Miss Angela.  She got banned from the school bus for 2 weeks - there was a lot of stuff brewing and the Evil Bus Driver From Hell finally snapped and took 5 kids into the office Monday morning.  It's so nice to get a call from the principal right after you get to work in the morning!  On the plus side - last I heard EBDfH is no longer driving their bus.  Hopefully the b*tch got fired.  As Angel put it - at least the driver last year only ran into stuff!   Episode #2 was yesterday - she stayed with a friend in the bathroom while the friend was sick.  That's great she cares about her friends, but we'd just had a conversation about her 19 tardies (over all 6 classes) and she also missed a test!! One of the assistant principals saw them in the hall and called to them, but they "took off" and the message I got said because of skipping a class, she was assigned Saturday School.  Yay!  

She's been getting excited since Sunday is another dance competition.  She can't wait to get out there and do her duet - she feels really confident about it since they changed the ending.  At the first comp, the judges were confused as to if they were battling or what.  Now there is no doubt what is going on - and who is the victor! 
(I was trying to upload the video onto YouTube, but idk if my new phone is being an asshole or YouTube / Google / whoever is being one)

I thought I was going to have a heart attack today!  She was getting her costumes together so I said I'd wash some of the pieces that I could.  I put her pants from small group tap (you can sort of seen them here - white in the inside & black on the outside) in the wash and darn if something pink and brown - I know don't what - bled all over the white!  I soaked & scrubbed & scrubbed & soaked some more and got most of it out, I hope.  I'm hoping what is left will be mistaken for shadows.   

Then next weekend are regionals!  This is the first comp she's ever been nervous for!  This is the farthest we will travel, too. Their first ever comp was in Lansing, but this one is in Grand Rapids - a good 2 1/2 hours away.  I took that Friday & Monday off work, so I decided to let her stay home from school on that Monday, too.  I thought to stay at the hotel Sunday night and first thing Monday drive to Holland and see the tulips!  I've lived in Michigan all my life and have never been to the Tulip Festival.  Actually, the festival will have just ended, but the tulips should still be pretty.   Then there's a Veteran's Cemetery not far from where she dances that I really want to explore, too. Then we can still get home somewhat early Monday afternoon. Fingers crossed! 

Anyhoo, it's about time for bed.  The ex is supposed to be in town today, but I haven't heard from him since about 1pm.  He's driving in from Nebraska to see Angel dance!  Guess he really feels the guilt for ignoring her for 12+ years.  He's drove up for the past 2 recitals and he wanted to go to both of these comps, too!  She said no to regionals - she said she's nervous enough without adding that awkwardness to the mix. 

In other news - my Mom had her hip replacement on Good Friday & she's doing fantastic!  Easter Monday she was moved into a rehab place and she's been working on her physical therapy & occupational therapy and generally being spoiled.  But it is so amazing to see her standing up straight and walking with no pain!  They took her staples out yesterday and she'll be going home next Thursday!  They're working with her using a cane, but she feels more secure with her Cadillac of walkers - that thing is fancy!  No too shabby for a lady who will be 80 in July!  I like to mess with her and the nurses.  I was visiting her one day and the nurse came to get her and put her on the scale.  I followed them down the hall pretending to run and calling for her to "wait for me!!" and told her Angel was bringing her tap shoes up for her to borrow. 

So that's all for now - later!


  1. All the best to your girl in her contest!

    1. I'm a bit late with replying, but thanks! They did great and are moving onto Nationals!


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