Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going to Nationals !!!!

Congrats to Dancers Only Studio for kicking ass and taking names at Regionals - 
every single dance is going on to Nationals! 

May 4 was Dance Force Xpress, where the pic above was taken. May 10 & 11 were the Energy Dance Regionals in Grand Rapids. 

I am so proud of them all, I could burst!  This studio is like a big family.  If any kid needs help with anything - there is a Mom right there who can help.  If someone walks by with a bra strap showing, someone will stop her and fix it. If someone wants to show off a new trick, someone is there to cheer for them!  If someone can braid - there's plenty of heads to braid!  I had a production line going with my eyelash glue.  

Let's see.. I only kept track of Angel's 6 dances, but there were a lot of 1st, 2nd & 3rd places!
small group hiphop got 5th (which is BS, that dance is awesome!!)
small group tap got 1st
small group jazz got 2nd
tap line didn't place
hiphop line got 1st place
tap duet got 3rd place.

Hold on, I'm gonna go lift some action pics off Facebook (also from all the comps.

"Heart Cry"

"Hey Ya"

"My Team" line
2nd from right

"Lose Control"
again 2nd from right
she got a bit too energetic and unsnapped her collar - oops!

"Dirty Pop" line
far left

2nd from left this time

It was also pretty neat that the people from Energy Dance (the Nationals people) chose certain dances and invited them to perform at the opening number at Nationals!  Normally they do auditions.  But the 6 from Womanizer and several solos (there could be more that I missed) from DOS were invited!!  

Next stop - Sandusky, Ohio!

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