Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday!

Altho this was a short week at work, it was also a bear!  I don't understand WHY, a customer who we've dealt with in the same manner for years - suddenly decides they're going to change the way they do things and what they expect from their carriers (I work for a trucking company) - AND NOT TELL SAID CARRIER!!  Sheesh.  I know my coworkers haven't ever heard that many colorful expletives out of me ever!  GRRRRR.

I didn't make it to my meeting this week, but I'm OK with that.  TOM had been awful. I always have one day that's just crappy and Wednesday was it.  I was going to go to Zumba at the gym but between cramps and sinus issues due to the weather - the best I could do was take the dog for a walk.  We didn't break any speed records, but we did go 1.7 miles! 

I've been concentrating on my Good Health Guidelines last week and this one.  I've gone back to adding my oils into my oatmeal - it mixes right in and I can't even tell it's there. If anything - it makes the bowl easier to rinse out! 

I know I've been sorely lacking when it comes down to getting my fruits & veggies in - so when I made my grocery list out, along with the usual dinner idea list I also wrote down what fruits & veggies I was going to have each day.  It really opened my eyes to how bad I've gotten.  I really don't know why.  It's not like eating fruits & veggies is a hardship!  Especially now with all the fresh goodies in the stores and roadside stands opening up soon! 

My gym membership is up the end of June and while I'm going to miss my Zumba classes, I know I'll be taking lots of walks so it's not like I won't get any exercise.  And mowing the lawn is a 2+ hour ordeal every week.  Depending on next year's schedule with Miss Angela's dance - I'll probably renew my membership next fall.  I'm sure I will.  I saw a glimpse of the summer dance schedule at the studio - the ballet teacher is offering an adult Yogalates class and it happens that same time Angel has one of her required classes - so maybe I'll give that a try!   

Speaking of walking - Miss Rebecca over at Weight Wars is having a June Marathon Challenge.  All I have to do is complete a marathon in June.  I can go a mile a day for 26 days, a 5K 8.5 times or slam out 26 miles all in one day (that ain't happening!)   And I don't run unless something really scary is chasing me.  But I do walk and I think I can easily cover 26 miles in June!   She's giving away a cool medal as incentive and some entries into a Color Run, but since that's in England - I'll just be happy with completing the challenge! 

Have a great weekend!  It's supposed to be sunny & 80* all weekend here.  WOOHOOOOO!

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