Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Friday!

OK, it's Saturday now.  It was Friday when I started writing!

This week has been insane at work.  2 different major customers suddenly deciding they want to change the way things are done and expecting us to use ESP to figure this out! One - I still have no idea what I'm supposed to even do. The other is just hugely time consuming and I foresee many mistakes being made on both our end and theirs.  I can't even begin to describe this clusterfuck without going into huge detail, which would just piss me off more. My coworkers have never heard so many colorful expletives out of me at one time!

Good times.

OMG - you have to check out this link - 28 photos to show you what pure happiness is.  If your face doesn't crack with the smiling, you have no heart.   I'm pretty partial to #26.  First of all, it's the Red Wings - second of all, the little boys face!! Love it!

Mom's back in the hospital.  She picked up some tummy bug at the rehab place after she had her hip replaced and she never really got over it.  Last night my niece took her into the ER and she was admitted into the infectious disease ward!  She's got some sort of infection in her colon.  I didn't get up to visit her after work, but I will go tomorrow.  Hope she gets better! She seemed OK Monday when we all got together, but I know it's been bothering her.

Not much else is going on.  I only have til the end of June on my gym membership, so I'm going to hit every Zumba class that I can, while I still can.  I happened to see the summer schedule of classes at Miss Angela's dance studio and I saw the ballet teacher will be teaching an adult Yogalates class at the same time she has a class - so I may have to sign up!  Miss Desiree is a professional ballerina, so I will be prepared to get my ass kicked!

I'm pretty sure there was actually going to be a point to this post..........but I'm currently drawing a blank.  So I guess that means it's bedtime!  Later!

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