Tuesday, December 31, 2013

...loading 2014

Gosh, I'm pretty boring.  I don't have a list of all these fantastic resolutions or a countdown of all the amazing posts that I've written, or a recap of a bunch of amaing pics, etc, etc. 

I will list some stats of...me!

I've lost a total of 13.8 lbs in 2013.  Not the greatest, but it's a loss!
Lost 0.5 inch off my arms, thighs & waist.  0.75 off my hips.  Somehow managed to gain an inch on the bust, but I'm thinking that had something to do with a perkier bra. 

Since I've started at the gym, I can already imagine my stomach getting flatter.  I've only gone twice, so I'm sure that is just that - imagination! 

This is my 111th post of 2013 on this blog. 
I've written 72 posts over at Tales from the Love Love Shaque. 
I've written 103 posts over at the Maple Grove Cemetery. 

608 page views to THIS Friend Makin' Monday post.
319 page views to me checking in after vacation.
Those are like huge jumps over all the rest of my page views ever!  WTF??
All the rest are around 15 - 30 views. 

The major thing is that I turned 40.  And surprisingly am OK with that, especially after how I hated being 39. I kept wondering what I was supposed to be doing with my life and OMG, my kid is 15, and all sorts of wonderful thoughts like that.  I'm kind of bummed that we were on vacation for my birthday, so I didn't even get a cake or presents. It was an awesome trip, tho.  No one made a big deal out of it, except my boss & closest co-worker (aka, the Billing Department)

Before I left for vacation, they put paper cut-out "40"s all over the damn office - anyplace I might ever possibly go... there were easily 100 of these things!

And of course on my desk. 

This is what I came back to after vacation.  

So let's see.  What else?  Hmmm, nothing terribly exciting!  I went back thru both other blogs and there were the usual family outings, dance competitions, dance recitals, radio stuff.

I'm happy that we are all healthy and have had no drama - 
may 2014 be the same!

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