Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Solstice!

Bring on those longer days! At least I get to see an hour or so of daylight, since it's still dark when I get to work and my Christmas lights have been kicking on not long after 5 at dusk.  LOL! I got 2 more blowmolds for the front yard, but haven't put them out yet due to rain.  I'm not messing with extension cords in the rain! 

So we survived the family trip to Lima for the weekend.  For dreading it as badly as we did, it wasn't that terrible. 

This is the view from our room at the Howard  Johnson.  Yet again, we had no wifi - what's up with this HoJo people??    All the inside rooms had balconies overlooking the atrium / pool.  It looks nice, but also sucked since the entire place smelled like chlorine and it was freezing when you finally got out of the water!  And no hot tub??  It looked like there had been one in the past, but they filled it in.  Seriously peeps!

Mom / sister Laurie / niece Lisa were right next door to us.  Which meant at least one person (ok, 3) had to climb over the rail instead of using the door.  And we used those fake plants to hit on the glass to get people's attention in the other room.  Sister Linda & BIL Dave were 2 doors down and brother Terry up on another floor, since he had a smoking room. 
 Laurie & Miss Angela

 Terry, Angel, Linda & Mom, hanging out. 

 Laurie getting a junk food facial. 

Play checkers at Cracker Barrel Saturday morning. 

 Getting the side-eye for taking her pic with a new Rubik's Cube. 


We ended up going to Walmart (since Ohio ones are more exotic than Michigan's??) and after we went to the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta.
It was pretty fun.  I should make a separate post on that. 
Luckily we went in 2 cars, since 5 of the 9 peeps got bored & left, leaving the rest of us to play on the hands-on displays and stuff for a while longer.  

 Terry filled her hood and shirt with peanut shells at the Texas Roadhouse. 

It was neat that they actually enforced a no-kids in the pool after 9 pm and from 9-10 was adult swim only.  And as long as we didn't have glass bottles, they didn't care about beer in the pool!  Laurie, Linda & Terry joined me being rowdy.  Angel sat on the pool deck and texted her new beau and took pics.  To bad they didn't enforce the "pool opens at 9 am" since there were screaming brats out there at like 7 am today. 
Randy, Angel & me

Me, Angel, Randy, Mom, Lisa, Terry, Laurie, Linda & Dave
Thanks to the random stranger walking by who graciously stopped to take pics for us!

 On the way home. 

It has rained all the day to Lima on Friday night and all day Saturday, too.  Sunday it had stopped, but we saw a lot of flooding like this.....

and this....


It's nice to be home, like it always is after a trip.  I have grown an orange purring appendage since Chester will not leave me alone!   We could have picked Jack up from the kennel tonight, but I made him an appointment for a bath & his nails trimmed tomorrow, so I'll pick him up after work.   And since none of the higher-ups will be around, I don't see me staying for the full day!  I have a few more things to finish picking up for Christmas and I haven't touched a roll of wrapping paper yet.   Guess I better get hopping!

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