Tuesday, December 31, 2013

...loading 2014

I'm not going to have any exciting, spectacular lists of amazing things I've done this past year, countdown of my best moments or photos or anything like that.  My year was pretty average and I'm OK with that.  Everyone in my family is healthy - awesome!  I turned 40 with surprisingly no meltdowns or even that much bruhaha.  I think being on vacation helped a lot (posts here, here & here).   Randy continues to be the best provider & hubby ever.  Miss Angela made level 4 at her dance studio, which is the top of the competition team.  AND she is currently passing all of her classes!  I'm so proud of her.  Jack the Beagle, Chester & Maddie the cats are all healthy & loveable (mostly).  So I'd have to say 2013 was pretty darn good!

Now for some random bloggy stats.....  

Wooo, this is my 73rd post on this blog in 2013.
I have posted 111 times over at ...Slow & Steady
and 103 times over at Maple Grove Cemetery.

My post about the annual craftshows had 551 pageviews!
The Monster Jam / Detroit had 253 hits.
Happy November got 173 hits.
G is for Grumpy Cat from the A-Z Challenge got 120 hits.

But all the rest range from single digit hits to the 80s.  I have no idea why those were so popular!

I'm hoping that 2014 will bring us the same amount of non-drama and uber health & happy!

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