Monday, October 14, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - All About The Blog

Aw, heck - what did I even do this weekend?

 Friday was nothing much, I've been fighting a tension headache from work so it was nice to get home after work and just hear nothing louder than a purring cat. (seriously - I'm going to throat punch this one guy who just makes me crazy, and I don't even work for him!). Saturday, Miss Angela and I went to a couple thrift stores and craft stores to find items for her Homecoming pep rally outfit. Homecoming is this Friday and today was their pep rally - Sophomores wore red, Juniors wore blue & Seniors wore white. So we found a pair of blue shorts that she could paint & also a little girl's Halloween costume (for $2 !!) with a ginormous blue tutu on it. I cut off the top and little shorts & she had her tutu!

Today's assembly was basically to compete & see which class was most obnoxious. I do believe this year's seniors made have screwed over a lot of the classes to come. She texted me a while ago & said someone had gone into the junior's parking lot (they have to park across the street from the school) and all their cars had gotten covered in white paint. I'm so glad she's not driving yet, I'd be pissed! Can't wait to see the consequences of this!

So tomorrow is PJ day, Wednesday is wear your Homecoming t-shirt day with winter accessories (the theme is Winter Wonderland), Thursday is Ugly Sweater day and Friday is Show Your School Spirit Day. The game is Friday night & the dance Saturday night.

Anyhoooo, Sunday I took care of my sister's horses since she's on vacation, then went to get pics at a couple neat old cemeteries. Then the hubby had volunteered us to do radio for a church's food / $ raising Crop Walk. There were actually extra Hams there, so Angel & I offered to be the rear-flank. We followed behind all the walkers so the church people along the route knew that there weren't anyone else coming. It was a poor choice. Neither of us were wearing good walking shoes, especially for 4 miles!

Damn, I'm hawt!

Onto FMM....

All about the Blog

1. How long have you been blogging? Since July 2009. I waffled a bit whether or not I wanted 1 blog or 2, but now I have 3.

2. What is the overwhelming theme of your blog? Going back to the 3 blog comment, this one is mainly about losing weight / getting fit / Weight Watchers. Tales from the Love Shaque is just random thoughts & happenings in life. Maple Grove Cemetery is my Halloween blog - I'm posting daily over there right now for the Countdown to Halloween!

3. Have you connected with people in person after meeting them through blogging? Not yet.

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging? I like getting my thoughts & plans in order & mainly is like a journal.

5. How often do you blog? Obviously with the Countdown to Halloween, daily! I post here a couple times a week and really need to post more on TFTLS.

6. Share one thing that you don’t like about blogging. I can't say that there's really anything I truly don't like about.  I do tend to get wordy.  Oh, and people who have Captcha on !

7. Do you talk about your blog in everyday life? Somewhat. Hubby & Girl know that I blog, but I don't think they read any of them. I've been known to announce that something is blog fodder.

8. What is the coolest and most unexpected thing that has happened to you as a result of blogging? I won a drawing from one of the bloggers that I follow and got some awesome custom made Halloween display items that they were passing on.

9. Are there topics that are off-limits on your blog? If so, name a few… I don't go out of the way to avoid certain topics, but I don't talk about some because I simply don't find them interesting.

10. If you could accomplish one thing through your blog before the end of this year, what would you want to accomplish? Hmmm. I haven't thought of accomplishments. Hopefully I can share a good idea or some kind of inspiration that helps someone.

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  1. I would have been livid about the white paint on the cars. That is ridiculous. What were they thinking?


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