Sunday, October 6, 2013

Belated Birthday Post

This past week has been insane, so I'm finally getting around to posting about Miss Angela's Sweet 16 birthday weekend. 

We started out with Friend #1, Brittany, over after school on Friday.  Her parents were going out of state to pick up a new dog, so she stayed with us.  We went to Lowe's & Taco Bell for excitement. 

Saturday was Angel's birthday.  I got up early and acquired many balloons.  It was hard to drive since they kept drifting into the front!

 We got Randy these balloons a couple years ago.  I just brushed off the dust & reused them!  
She knew I was doing this, so it's cool. 
That is a bottle of Detroit Red Wings nail polish!

 Out & About for the day. 

1st stop - the local tattoo place to get her belly button pierced!  She's been wanting this for a while & I told her on her 16th birthday we'd go.  We stopped in there a week or so before so she could meet the artists and see the shop.  Super nice people.  I'm going there when I decide to get more ink!

 This is literally within the first minute of getting it done.  
Complete with iodine still on her belly.

Happy Girl!
I had to take her birth certificate & my ID in with us for them to put on file. I'd also taken her school ID and my marriage license since we have different last names, but they didn't need to see those. 

There is a story behind this damn cake.  She wanted this ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  So I ordered it and the baker called me later and said all they had were RedHawks.  I was like WTF are the RedHawks???  She tried to explain (in broken English) that they were the ones who won the NHL!  She meant the Blackhawks who won the Stanley Cup....and why the hell would anyone who lives in HOCKEYTOWN want a Blackhawks cake????  So I cancelled it. I even called several other stores and one guy explained to me that it was the most ridiculous thing, that's the only team they'd gotten. And he sympathized with me, no one was going to buy that cake!   After I dropped her off at dance the next night, I stopped in Meijer and was looking thru their book and saw the same cake.  So I asked this time and the baker went in back and came out and slapped down the Red Wings stick & NHL puck on the counter.  Sold!  But I'd noticed the stick was cheap plastic, so I stopped at a store who carries licensed Wings & Tigers gear and got her a real wood mini stick, which is why it looks huge on the cake. 

So after the trip to get the cake on Saturday, we ended up with friends #2 & #3, Shelby & Taylor over.  We went to the mall for a while and then we had to leave so I could meet Shelby's parents before she could spend the night.  I respect that, I do the same thing.  Pizza & a movie then home for them to settle down. I was playing a game on the computer waiting for them to go to sleep.   I thought it was safe to go to bed around 12:30 am. and then I heard a random giggle, so I stayed up for another half hour or so.  

Sunday I made cinnamon rolls to wake them up (I didn't get to do the Happy Good Morning song & dance, I was bummed) and then we went to the orchard to meet the family for the usual fun.  It started to rain right after we got there, so that sucked. 

They all spent 1/2 hour doing their hair before we left.  All for nothing!

 Look at the baby goat!  So cute!

 These are the jumping pillows and are what I was looking forward to going on, but they closed it because of the rain.  Grrr.  Damn rain.  They look so sad & lonely! 

 It stopped raining long enough to go conquer the corn maze. 

 The balloons didn't like the rain. 

Shelby & Taylor left from the orchard (got to love friends who drive now!) and we stopped for a light lunch with the family to celebrate her & nephew Austin's birthdays & then stopped at a nail salon so they could fix her nails (from a previous visit).  Then we took Brittany home (and saw the new puppy - a Whippet!) then went to Toby Keith's I love This Bar & Grill for dinner and her deep fried Twinkie. 

She said she had the best birthday ever!  Yay!

A week later, the belly button is doing fine.  She kept bumping it at school one day and I got a text telling me about it.  So I told her to get a band-aid.  It worked!  She's supposed to go 2 weeks without vigorous activity.  She's still gone to dance, but has skipped acro.  She's going to try it this week.  I have to take her back so they can check it at the Tattoo place this weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like she had a great birthday. Happy Birthday to her! ♥


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