Saturday, October 19, 2013

12 days to Halloween!

October is flying by!  I can't believe it!  I'm so not ready for Halloween.  However, on the plus side, after fretting about a fence for the cemetery, I 'm happy to say I am totally cheating. 

I picked up 4 rolls of this stuff tonight.  I figure a 2 foot fence with points on top will make it clear to NOT walk thru the cemetery!  Should be easy to store, too.

The cemetery is mostly done. I need to move these guys.....
and the coffin out into the front yard.  I also have my awesome Hunter's Moon stone that I need to display prominently.   And inside I need to call in FEMA since it looks like a tornado hit.  My apothecary is currently taking up the whole kitchen table. 

But first.  I need to mow the lawn.

And I have a darn rose blooming!

I'm happy that right now, Miss Angela is at her Homecoming dance - this has been a crazy week! I sure don't remember anything as fun or insane as this while is school for spirit week. 

Sophomores wore red, juniors blue, seniors white for the class competition / pep rally.  They played games like tug-o-war, egg & spoon races & 3 legged races.  Teachers won, juniors 2nd, seniors 3rd, sophs 4th. Yay!  The seniors also got a bit crazy - they took white window paint and baby powder to all the junior's cars.  I bet there were some pissed off parents! 

Tuesday was PJ day, Wednesday they were supposed to wear their Homecoming shirt and winter accessories (the theme was Winter Wonderland), Thursday was Ugly Sweater Day and Friday was "show your school spirit".  The school colors are black, white & orange so this time of year its easy to find stuff to wear!

I always take off early to go watch the Homecoming parade. 

 There were tons of people!!

Jack wasn't impressed. 

Angel weaseled her way onto the SADD truck with Shelby (who actually belongs).  
And stole some guy's hat. 

 I love this brownie troop's float!  They have things like "Go Football Team" on the poster - funny!

 I like how the volleyball team decorated their net with cornstalks. 

 The junior float - there was fake snow all over from the snowman! 

 The senior float - they had a sign that said "Victory was so Sweet"

And of course, the dance.  
 Shelby is such a character with her high-heeled tennis shoes. 

 She looks so grown up!

So that's all that's been doing on here.  I went out this morning & last Sunday to take care of my sister's horses while she's out of town. 

Then Randy & I used our evening alone for a date night!  It consisted of dinner at the Outback & a visit to Lowe's.  We are such party animals!


  1. Awww, I miss homecoming stuff!! That was always my favorite week of the year when I was in school.Angela's dress for the dance is so pretty! She looks great!

    1. Thanks! She loves the camera & is one of those people who always looks good. Grr.
      I was surprised at the lack of bling on the dress, but she was happy with it, so Yay!


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