Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you ever....

Had a case of the "Don't Wanna"s?  

I got one.  Badly.  I don't want to go to work, don't want to hear the damn alarm go off in the morning,  don't want to cook, don't want to exercise, don't want to even blog or pre-write my A-Z posts!   I'm truly hoping this is just the winter blahs and will go away soon. 

My dog is on my shit list.  I've told him many times recently that he's not my favorite child.  First of all, I got Randy a gigantic chocolate chip cookie for Valentine's Day.  He had left work early for a dentist appointment, so he brought just over half of it home Friday.  This 13" cookie came in a pizza-type box and was twist tied in a plastic bag.   Damn if Jack didn't wait until we left the house Saturday morning and got ONTO THE KITCHEN TABLE - pulling a chair out to assist - and managed to open both the bag & the box (and left them on the table!) and drug that cookie onto the floor and polished it off.   This was only maybe 2-3 hours after he'd been fed, so he wasn't starving.   He got punished & locked into this crate for a while.  Later on, Miss Angela left food in the living room unattended so she could ask me something and yet again - Jack got on the couch and ate half her pizza rolls in less than 30 seconds.  And yet again, within just an hour or two of being fed his own food.  I don't know what his deal was, but he's being banished from table scraps for the time being.  
 Dammit.  I don't care if he's cute!!

And don't get me started on him wanting to go outside 10 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning.  EXPLETIVE!!!  Too many times in the past few days. 

Anywhooo, one of the girls at work is getting married this weekend, so they threw her a bridal shower at lunch Monday.  She's been with her boyfriend 21 years and he finally got around to proposing!  Sheesh!  She wanted to either elope or have a destination wedding, but his family wanted the whole shebang.  But OMG, the food.  Turkey pitas, this crazy sweet grape salad dessert thing (to die for!!), several different salads, cupcakes of many flavors, chili, meatballs.  And we all pitched in to get the happy couple a gift card and Shelley cried when she saw the amount!  

Valentine's Day was just another day.  I was going to whine about it, but I sounded bitchy and deleted it.  Let's just say I occasionally would like a little token to show that he thinks of me.  But I can't say anything to him, since then I'd think he was getting me flowers or whatever out of guilt & not because he means it.  I used to get flowers all the time.  Then we got married.  Sigh.  Shelley - watch out! 

OK, now for some cheerful news.  Miss Angela ~gasp~ cleaned her room!!  She has a floor !!!  We are in the middle of mid-winter break and she wanted to spend the night over at a friend's house tonight.  So that was the deal.  I left her a list Monday to do certain things in her room and a couple more things Tuesday, so she wasn't overwhelmed too much.  She ended up finishing her room & even running the vacuum before I got home Tuesday.  So when she got a text from Taylor, she was able to spend Tuesday night over there, too!   I saw her in there walking around and doing a few dance steps & I laughed when she made a comment about how nice a bare floor was!  Of course now you can see how gross the carpet is.  The carpet in our bedrooms make the average office carpet look thick & luxurious.  She's got nail polish, glitter, makeup and random other mystery stains all over. Ew. 

I've also come to the conclusion that she is a blanket hoarder.  She's got 3 on her bed that I can see in this picture. I know she took at least one with her to Taylor's and she left another in the living room. 

And oh joy of joys!  I finally had a nice loss last week at Weight Watchers and got below that 50 lb mark again, for the first time in about a year!!  I'm faintly seeing Onederland (being below 200 lbs) looming in the distance!   But after going crazy with that darn grape salad (grapes swimming in some pudding-type stuff & graham cracker crust & pecans) 2 days and not exercising at all this week, I already know I'm going to skip the meeting tomorrow since it would probably make me cry if I went up again.  I have tracked everything as well as I could, and as ugly as it has been.   
Yeah.  Not getting on a scale. 

Since I had the afternoon to myself today, I felt the need to go shopping.  Which is dumb, since there was nothing we actually needed.  So I ended up at the local antique / craft mall place that always manages to suck some $$ out of me. 

Today they only managed to get $10.06 from me.  I got this cool "vintage" glass bell, a really cool bottle that I thought was worth the $2.50 even without being filled with beads & buttons & a 6-sided brown bottle.  I really need a hutch to display all my cool bottles!  These will end up in the Halloween stash anyway.

So it looks like I dine alone tonight again.  Last night I grabbed a couple fresco soft tacos from Taco Bell on the way to take Angel to Taylor's and then had to rescue Randy from work.  His car's battery died and I was quicker than calling AAA.  But once I got there, the cable to open the hood had frozen!  So I had to take him to work this morning.  Luckily, it was the first time since I've known him that he had to actually go to an inventory site, which was somewhat close to home.  He just texted me that he was stuck on a call from some place in the UK.  Why don't all these damn stores use the same reports for their inventories???   

Alrighty, off to scrounge some food!  Later!


  1. DEAD DOG!! (Ok no, he's too cute!) I used to have a bedroom where the floor didn't exist as the 'carpet' was made from my dirty laundry...there is hope for Angela :)
    I would have killed Branden if he waited 21 years to propose! The shower sounded fabulous though and the food to die for!
    I have been trying to make sure I get some sort of workout every day, even if it's a little walk, but I hate exercise! I looked around at workout videos on youtube and found there are tons of different types of workouts! My favorite, sounds cheesy, but are walk at home workouts. They are more exerting than they sounds, but they are simple and I actually like to do them! Here's the link to her 3 mile walk but she also does a 1 mile, 2 mile, and other stuff you can look up. I don't know if you would like them but just in case ;)
    OOOOH! I love the glass bell and bottles! Antique stores suck me in too! It's truly a weakness!

    1. I have a collection of Leslie Sansone DVDs - love them! She can get annoying with her talking, but the workouts make you break a good sweat! They're especially nice in the winter when it's cold & crappy outside. I find myself wondering how her minions mange to keep a smile thru the entire workout?? I've tried & failed.

      I would have killed Randy if he'd waited that long, too!

  2. She totally cracks me up with how dorky she can be but yes I love how simple it all is but all while making me sweat! Whenever I can't get out for a walk, I do one of her videos and since we have to walk everywhere here, I decided that doing a workout to help strengthen the parts that I need would be smart. I don't manage to smile through her whole workout either, especially when I'm doing kicks!

  3. I personally despise the side-steps. I can feel it working in my thighs & such, but I really don't like them.


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