Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A good hurt....

I was meaning to do some sort of moving-my-carcass yesterday, but exciting things like "errands",  "housework" and "cooking dinner" got in the way.  I also felt the need to take advantage of the 40* sunshine to pick up random sticks & branches from the front yard before the next bout of white crap falls this afternoon / tonight.

So I was feeling guilty.  Then I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest on a quick workout to do when you're in a hurry.  So this morning while I was in the garage waiting for the dog to do his thing, I did 50 jumping jacks - that's a feat in itself, since I haven't done them since I received my DD214 (military discharge papers!).  But with a heavy winter coat on, it stopped the bounce somewhat. Then before I got in the shower, I did 30 mountain climbers, 20 crunches and 5 push ups.  It also calls for a 30 second plank, but I need to find out exactly what those are.  The ones I've personally seen are not really of the exercise variety.

Anyhooooo, I am really feeling it!  In my shoulders, back, thighs and probably more once I stand up (I've been sitting for about an hour now)  For only taking about 10 minutes of my morning, I enjoyed it!  So I'm planning on doing a Walk-At-Home DVD tonight and tomorrow I can safely assume to be shoveling snow.  That's a nice workout in itself!

Since I like to always put images of some sort in my posts - here are my adorable critters.

 Maddie contemplating the birds on the patio. 

 Jack, waiting to hear something profound from me. 

Up close & personal with Chester. 

Have a great day!

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