Friday, February 1, 2013

13 in 13 January Round Up

Holy Crap, it's February!

Alrighty, let's see how I've been doing in the challenge. 

To Achieve - Onederland  Not there yet!!

1. plan meals weekly - this hasn't been much of an issue at all.

2. eat more / new veggies every week (1 recipe from book per week) I haven't used the book at all, but I am getting in a better variety of veggies & fruits.  I've tried kale chips & blood oranges.

3. take better care of my skin (lotion AM, wash face PM, lotion PM)  I've been doing this.  Altho I don't look any better since I'm having female issues and causing me to break out like a 15 year old.  Side note - I've called the doc and he's supposed to adjust my BCPs to hopefully help with the issues.  Then maybe skin will clear up.

4. be a better blogger - I'm ready for the A-Z Challenge!  Well, with ideas anyway.  I don't have posts written yet.

5. get my house de-cluttered (15 minutes per day) eh.  I'll call this 50%.  I did have Miss Angela go thru her dresser drawers and get rid of any clothes she doesn't wear so she can put the rest away.  She set aside a smallish pile.

6. dust off my WAH DVDs (2 or more x per week / other DVD or Wii)  I'm doing pretty good here.

7. cut back on unnecessary spending (see #5) Ummm, well....I had a moment.  I went to a couple places last weekend and got a few things for Halloween projects (an antique picture frame identical to one I already have, a book to turn into a potion book) and I found this.....

I have never found blowmolds at the thrift stores around here, so when I walked around the corner and saw this, I almost fell over my feet getting to him.  He's taller than my kitchen counter!!  But he's out in the garage until I can make room for him in the shed with all the rest. 

Oh yeah, I got suckered into going to the mall with Miss Angela.  She "needed" a new pair of high-tops since  she can't wear her other ones after her favorite choreographer autographed one.  And she needed some new leggings & One Direction fake nails. 

8. MGC fence- nope. Probably not til it gets warmer.

9. rededicate myself to WW (weekly meeting / track every day) So far, so good - with the exception of this week.  And I do plan to go before the week is technically over. I've been doing pretty well with my tracking, too. Next month I'm going to post my progress reports from WW.  That will really keep me accountable, since it shows my tracking & how well I stay within my allotted points.

10. figure out & use Kindle Fire  - I think I need to change this one.  It really wasn't worthy of a year-long challenge.  So I'll have to think of something else.

11. get RACES certification (30 min per week) - the best I've done so far is find the book and look at it.


13. wean myself off pop (stop drinking one hour earlier every month) - so far, so good! I've been choosing non-carbonated options more often. 

So to update my mini-goals.  Most of them I'm keeping, since they are a work in progress. 
1. plan meals - keeping this one!
2. eat more veggies - keeping this one, too.  It's an on-going challenge to get out of that rut. 
3. take better care of my skin -changing this one.  I think I have it under control. 
4. be a better blogger - keeping this one. 
5. get the house de-cluttered - keeping this one. 
6. dust off WAH DVDs - keeping this one.
7. cut back on unnecessary spending - probably should keep this one, too. 
8. MGC fence plans - changing this one. This is too general. 
9. re-dedicate to WW - keeping this one
10. figure out the Kindle - changing this one. 
11. get RACES certification - keeping this one. 
12. still blank
13 - wean myself off pop - keeping this one

So my new mini-goals are:
3. post progress reports from eTools weekly
8. find plans & figure out materials for tomato cage trees / MGC fence / potion book
10. use my new waist & arm / thigh trimmers while doing exercise DVDs.
12. still blank

I think this month will be better since my goals are more definite, instead of very general. 

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