Monday, November 5, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday & Weekend Recap

Whew! That was a busy weekend! 

Saturday I had to miss my meeting, due to taking our cat, Chester to the vet for his checkup. He lost weight! He's 15 lb, 6.5 oz. Yup, a big boy! I have to take him back later this week, since he needs some dental work done - booo! Then I spent several hours taking the cemetery down & putting it away. Hours. 

My sister works for a banquet hall and a lot of times brings home wedding centerpieces. She brought me 2 dozen red roses from one about 6 weeks ago and I kept them just for this! 
Dead roses in the cemetery!

Ded Fred & Jane (Mansfield)

Peeping Tom (he usually spends a couple days staring in the kitchen window before he goes out in the yard.)  Freaks everyone out!
And Jose the un-Love-d.

Walter & Matilda

Here's after we took everything down.

How many skeletons fit in a coffin? 8 !!
I put casters on the bottom so it's easy to roll back to storage.

I need to decide on a new place for the coffin next year - the dead spot never filled in from 2011!

As I was putting stuff away, the mail lady pulled up with the gargoyle blowmold. I won him & a purple witch on an eBay auction. I would have laughed if the witch showed up, too! Probably today. 

This is my favorite piece that I take to work. 
That giggling jack o' lantern always cracks me up! 

I spent another couple hours on Sunday putting away indoor stuff. I'm not done. 
And I'll still find things when I'm putting up my Christmas decor! 

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Ten Reasons To Be Thankful

1. My family. Especially my hubby & daughter, Randy & Angela. 

2. My critters. Chester & Maddie the cats, Jack the Beagle and can't forget the fish.

3. A solid roof and 4 walls to call our own. And room to store all my holiday decor!

4. A reliable car.

5. A steady job with flexibility and a blind eye to goofing off! It's a family owned company, and my boss wants to adopt me so I'll always work for her. And she's ready to hire Angela when she's old enough!

6. My health and that of my family.

7. The ability to pay for Angela being on the competition team at her studio and the requisite conventions / costumes / comp fees / etc. 

8. I am a licensed amateur radio operator and have the ability to help others in times of need. (Ham radios are more reliable than cell phones!!!)

9. My open mind. 

10. My ability to see beauty in simple things. 

What are you thankful for?

I don't ever get all political in my blogs, but don't forget to vote tomorrow!  I don't care who you favor, just do it!

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