Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Recap & stuff

Sigh.  I'm rather sad that Halloween is over. Actually I wish we would have hit a couple haunted houses and I really wish we knew someone who was having a H'ween party or even better yet....had a big enough place to throw one ourselves!! 

At least we made it to Tillson Street

Even here in Michigan, we got hit by Sandy a little bit. Saturday & Sunday we got a lot of wind, but Monday morning our weather radio went off about wind advisories - so (before 6am) I took all the skeletons, ghosts & life sized figures into the garage and laid the taller stones down flat. Tuesday (before 6am again!) I took most of the blowmolds in. I took a half day off work Wednesday, so I was able to get everything put back out before trick-or-treating started.

Wednesday was decent, until the sun went down then the wind & rain started. Ew. We still got about 50 kids. I was surprised by the number of teenagers we got. But most were in costume and all were polite and said the magic words. I also heard a few comments that made me very happy and earned some kids extra candy.  I believe I'm getting the reputation as the Halloween house - Yay!!

"Wow- this is the coolest house!" - 2 little girls
"Dude! This is the house I was telling you about!" - one teenage boy to another
"I love your ghosts!" - a random little princess
"Wow - this is great!" - a mom

There were 4 who did NOT get extra candy. These are the ones who I had to yell at to STOP and go back out to the road and not cut thru my cemetery. If I couldn't see the web of extension cords that I knew were there in broad daylight, then running kids at night, in the rain sure couldn't see them! I made it sound like I was concerned about them possibly tripping, but really - I didn't want them to trip and mess up my stuff! And they all had adults with them! Buggers. 

So next year there WILL be a fence and I already acquired orange rope lights to go along it to light it up.

The skeletons are Terrance, Phillip & Ike. 
bonus points if you got the South Park reference!

My sister works at a banquet hall and brought me a leftover wedding centerpiece like 2 months ago. 
I kept the dead roses for this occasion!

Bobert & Billiam

Ded Fred & Jane (Mansfield)

Peeping Tom & Jose the un-Love-d

Walter & Matilda

Saturday we took everything down. Look how drab & dull & boring it looks now!

Next year I need to find a new place for the coffin. The grass never really filled in after 2011.
And it does not sit directly on the lawn - there are casters on it so I can roll it!

I can fit 8 skeletons, 2 hockey sticks and a random head in the coffin.

Of course, after we took all the blowmolds to the back yard - the mail lady showed up with the gargoyle that I won off an eBay auction. Today I'll probably get the purple witch that I also won.

This is my favorite piece that goes to work with me. 
That giggling JOL cracks me up!

I spent a couple hours putting indoor stuff away yesterday.  I need another tote so I had to stop.  I'm trying to keep like items together and did set quite a few things aside to get rid of. 

So, this weekend is the big Tremaine dance convention.  If you listen to these girls at the dance studio talk, it's a big party.  They actually spend most of Saturday & Sunday in classes, dancing their butts off!  But we'll stay at the hotel Saturday night and have pizza by the pool and do a lot of socializing.  For some stupid reason, the 2 years that we've gone, the hotel brilliantly schedules this (mostly girls) dance convention and a (all boys) hockey convention the same weekend!  At least they don't allow hockey sticks in the hotel at all and no kids out of the rooms without an adult after 11pm.  

Saturday is going to be a treat for me.  We're not going to the hotel Friday night like usual, so we have to be up at o' crap thirty to be there at 7 am (about an hour drive) and then I'm going to leave to meet Mom & the sisters to go to one of our annual craft shows.  Then I'll go back to the hotel.  But I have to go to this show!  I always buy a personalized family ornament from this one particular booth and I need to get one for little Miss Maddie to match all the rest I have.

Speaking of Miss Maddie, she's really settling in well.  A couple weekends ago, Randy was sick so he was in bed.  I was putzing around the house, but staying close in case Mr. Whiny-Ass needed me (he's such a guy, but he really was sick.  He even let me take him to the clinic!)  Chester was snuggled up against his leg and Maddie jumped up on the bed.  We could tell she was looking for trouble, she just had that look.  She went all around the bed and stopped when she saw Chester and stared at him.  Then she went over and started to lick his face.  He just rolled over and put his paw on her side.  Then she tried to bite his neck.  She jumped back when we laughed and they just stared at each other. Too cute!  

The next big event after Tremaine is the Detroit Lions Halftime show on Thanksgiving.  They haven't said anything about needing adults yet, so I'll see if I can send Angel to practices with someone else and just take her myself Wednesday for dress rehearsal (and to see who is performing!)  Last year was the "accident" that is still laughed about at the studio.  Yup.

So that's all that's going on right now.  I don't ever get all political on my blogs, but don't forget to get out there tomorrow & vote!  I don't care if you write in Willie Nelson for president - make your voice heard!  (LOL, can you imagine?)  

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