Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 4

Crap - I missed a week ! It's been crazy here at the Love Shaque, but it's settling down.  We had things like open house at school (to meet all the teachers), beginning of the dance season and last week was "Spirit Week" so I was running all over to get obnoxious tutus and t-shirt paint and Friday was the Homecoming Parade & football game.  Then Saturday was the big dance, so much time spent at the hair-stylist....

Angel is the one second from the right- in the extremely short turquoise dress. 
 At least she wore some of her dance shorts underneath it! 

Alrighty, let's see how badly I've been doing on my goals. 
1.  attend a WW meeting - fail!  I did make the attempt, tho.  I swear the website said there was a meeting at 11 on Saturdays, as well as the 8:45.  I was wrong.  It was at 10, so I missed it. They were already closed so I couldn't even weigh in! 
2. do some sort of exercise 3 x week / 30 minutes.  Hmm.  Maybe in total? 
3. re-listen to hypnosis session 4x week.  0/4 Total & complete fail. 
4. look up and try 3 new recipes this week.  I don't know how to rate this one.  I've made tried & true meals, but tweaked them some.  Like spaghetti that my family gobbles up, but I added garlic biscuits made out of Pilsbury Grands biscuits (YUM) and also meatballs.  They were gross.  I was told to never do those again. LOL!
5. do at least 15 minutes a day straightening up the house.  7/7 Win!  I've made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before Angel's birthday party Friday and it makes me feel so good to see all these items crossed off.
This week's challenge is to do something new.  I have an idea for this.  Friday is my daughter's 15th birthday and she insists that she wants to haul her friends to the mall and hang out for a couple hours.  OK.  So while they're doing their thing, I plan on walking.  I hate the mall, so it's really outside my comfort zone.  However, it's indoors and offers good people watching, so all should be good!  And while she's at dance tonight, I plan to take the dog to the nature preserve nearby for a walk.  I love going there when the leaves start changing colors - beautiful!
See ya next week, hope it'll all be better!

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