Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - week 2

Not feeling particularly epic at the moment - we spent most of yesterday at my sister's house for the annual "painting of the fence" party.  She needs to put special paint on the fence around both her pasture for the horses and the riding arena to protect the wood from the elements and also prevent the horses from chewing on it.  And on any other day, the pasture & arena don't look that big, but when it comes to painting time?  The Never-Ending Fence from Hell!!  There were 6 of us working for 5-6 hours and we only got half the pasture done!  The backs of my thighs hurt from bending over to put the roller in the paint tray and my arms are really sore from all that rolling.  And for some reason my right hand is swollen, so I even had to take my ring off!  Guess what we'll be doing next weekend??  On the plus side - it was a beautiful day, comfortably cool & breezy!  

So it's time for....
I don't know if I -technically- met Rebecca's challenge this week.  Do something to make me feel fabulous.  I was actually on vacation when the week one emails came out, so I was feeling pretty fabulous and lazy.  We'd just gotten home from an awesome long weekend in Michigan's beautiful UP.  And the fact that I didn't cry last Tuesday when my daughter went off on her first day of high school is a bonus.  So I really didn't search out and find something to do to feel fab, it just found me!

Here is the update on my 5 measurable goals...I think I need to do better this next week!
1. attend a WW meeting every week.  Check!  And after a 5 week hiatus, I was down 1.4 lbs!  We got a challenge there, too.  To make sure you get the recommended 6 - 8oz glasses of liquids in daily.  Easy!! It's 11:30 am and I've already had a 12 oz can of Coke Zero and am finishing on my 3rd 20 oz bottle of water. 
2. do some sort of exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.  2/3  The fence painting was definitely a workout! And I did manage to drag the hubby out for a walk, but he doesn't move fast. 
3. re-listen to a hypnosis session 4 times a week  I call this a total fail.  I put headphones on & was asleep in like 3 seconds.
4. look up and try at least 3 new recipes a week   2/3 - I found a crockpot sweet & sour chicken recipe on Pinterest & was *amazing*. 
The other I didn't actually cook myself - but it was food we'd never had before.  Orange chicken from the awesome little Chinese food place we always go to.  Om nom nom nom nom!!

5. do at least 15 minutes daily straightening up the house  6/7 I don't think I made the 15 minutes, but I did do some straightening up.  I also got together a big pile of stuff to donate. 

So now, for week 2......copied & pasted directly from the email......

Post a round up of the progress made on your goals.
You can do this however you like, I find it makes me mindful of all of my goals if I go through them week by week and what progress I've made on each one, if you would rather just focus on what you've got. Remember to think about how you are going to progress in order to meet them or smash through them. What are your obstacles? How are you going to get around them?

The challenge this week.... Find some way to display your goals and keep them in the front of your mind. Kind of like a reward chart for kids!
I set this challenge because making your goals measurable and then measuring them is an important part of goal setting. We can agonise over the goals but unless we make moves to complete them what's the point?

Alrighty.  I already have a tab on the top of this page with my work in progress, with my weekly weigh ins.  I'll have to think about this when I'm not at work and come up with something good.

See ya next week!

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