Monday, April 11, 2011

What a beautiful weekend!!!

Last weekend was like Heaven!!

OK so Saturday only got up to 49 degrees, so that wasn’t too wonderful, but Sunday was BLISS !! It started out cool & foggy, but then it warmed up to almost 80 !!!! All the windows in the house were open & it was just – wow!  They're open right now, too.  Until it starts dropping to the 36 they're calling for tonight.....then they'll be slammed & locked shut!

So I got up Saturday morning & my knee was killing me. I was just hobbling all over as I searched for that darn brace. I finally found it!! It was in a bag of all my WW stuff that I’d taken out to Laurie’s house for GNO. Anyway, I was able to survive grocery shopping & other piddly stuff around the house. What really ticks me off is that Sunday it was great! Didn’t bother me in the slightest! WTF ?!?!?!?

My Easter decorations are up outside!  I don't have anywhere near as much out as the crazy people who just moved in 2 doors down.  They've had obnoxious pink bunnies hanging from the gutter since before St. Patrick's Day!  Along with huge plastic eggs all over the yard & even their mailbox is infested with plastic eggs!   I admit to being curious as to what they do at Halloween.   Hmmmmmmm.

LOL, he asked me that morning if I’d seriously been asking the cats for permission to get out of bed. What he didn’t know was that Maggie had been lying on my chest, Chester was up against my arm & Skeeter was stretched out down my thigh. And I had to pee! It’s not like I could just get up, ya know! Maggie’s purring in my face is what woke me up.

So Sunday I was up fairly early, but Randy was still snoozing. I don’t think he slept well, so I didn’t wake him up to go to church. I think he appreciated that. Angel had to dance at 2, so after dropping her off, we put on our hiking boots & took Jack for a walk at Holland Ponds! There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but we didn’t really see that many people on the trails, which is perfectly OK! Back in the woods, it was warmer so I’d taken Jack over by one of the ponds so he could get a drink & darn if he didn’t just walk out into the pond as far as the leash would let him!! He was deep enough that his front feet were swimming! This is the same dog that will barely get his feet wet in the pond at the Farm! He did this a couple different times! I wasn’t too happy about a wet smelly dog getting in my car, but he had fun. And I had my old hoodie in the back seat, so I dried him off somewhat with that.

 Mean tree face!

SLIME !!!!

Randy brought the grill out to play again. We did some boneless beef ribs Saturday, along with some boneless / skinless chicken thighs that I’d thawed earlier. Sunday we had steak. I don’t know what it is about food cooked outside just tastes SO GooooooooD !!!! I nommed that chicken. Absolutely nothing special – cooked on the gas grill with no seasonings or BBQ sauce or anything. Ambrosia.

After dinner, I was sitting outside enjoying the evening & decided to rake the back yard. The area that was dug up for the septic field is still mostly dirt, but there were a lot of dead fall leaves & a thick carpet of needles under the pine trees. I filled up the yard waste container & there are still 3 piles of needles & stuff out there. But it looks so much nicer (even if it is dirt & weeds!)

I was sitting at work today (bored) so I was reading some of the blogs that I follow & I realize that having actual titles on the blogs is a lot more interesting that just the date like I was doing. So I went back thru 2011 & did some editing. Heck, the date is already on there anyway. I think I’m too wordy anyway. Oh well – that’s just the way I am!! In one of the blogs I was reading, she had a list of 100 things about her. That sounds like a plan!

That will have to be for another day. I have to wrap this up & take Pnut to dance. She was just complaining that her legs hurt from yesterdays class & then thought I was nuts when I suggested getting dressed for class early and do some stretches. I know that helps when I’m stiff!

Let’s see – plan for the evening……folding clothes. Ironing some stuff. Changing out the curtains in my bedroom because I hate the ones that are up. Filling out cards to my Adopt-A-Platoon guys. Eh, who knows?


Done up for Easter.  My stacked bunny blowmold is on the front step.

He's truly an Owens dog! 

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