Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy day-after Easter !!

I took the day off work before I realized that Angel didn’t get today off school. Ooops. That’s OK – getting a bit done, necessary errands anyway. I took Jack to PetSmart to get his nails done and got some hip & joint supplements for him. He’s been limping off and on a lot lately. This afternoon, he’s getting his ears checked out – the groomer thought he might have an ear infection and I agree, since he’s been doing a lot of shaking his head, and his ear is really red and has a lot of potatoes in it. He acted off all weekend at Laurie’s house. Normally he’s running around & playing with Morgan and he didn’t want to this time. He was actually hiding from her!  Hopefully its just his ears and nothing terribly serious.
So lots of drama – thankfully none of it has been at the Love Shaque !!! First, last week nephew Jamie’s girlfriend’s Dad apparently flipped out. He shot her brother while he was sleeping, picked her mom up from work for lunch, shot her in the car & then shot himself while driving, so the car crashed. Luckily into a tree & not someone’s house!! Nikki said he’d been depressed. I guess because I’d never suffered with depression, I just don’t understand why someone would kill themselves & take some family members with them! It’s not like it’s a hush-hush taboo thing – there’s help available out there!! I just don’t get it (shaking head sadly).

Drama #2 has been on-going. Laurie’s work finally got to her & she spent the night in the hospital for anxiety Wednesday. Luckily it looks like she’s got a new job lined up already – whew! Her commute going to be cut easily in half and she won’t have to deal with the infamous Geoffrey Fieger anymore. From what she says, he’s losing lot of his attorneys! 8 have given notice in the past 6 weeks or so.

Mom called up to make sure that we were all OK. Yes, we’re fine!

We still at Easter at Laurie’s house. We made sure she didn’t overdo it. She did have to help the vet when he came out to do some dental work on the horses Saturday afternoon. That was actually pretty interesting! He was almost done with Princess when I went out there, but I stayed to watch Kisses & help with Captain. He fought a bit. It was pitiful, but funny at the same time. Captain is the only one I took pics of. The vet tranquilized him and we backed him into the corner of the stall. Once he was loopy, the vet put this metal thing between his front teeth & could jack it open so he could see & work in Captain’s mouth (he did this with all of them). Then he put this stand in the stall to rest the horse’s head on and hold it up so he could see in. Captain wasn’t too happy and it took both Laurie & I to hold his head still while the vet worked. But afterward, when he took the mouth jack thing out, Captain stood there with his head on the stand and his lip just hung. LOL!!  We had to open his mouth for him & tuck his tongue back in because we were afraid he was going to bite it.

Poor loopy Captain!

Saturday evening, they probably shouldn’t have, but niece Lisa & Angel went for a ride. Angel had her Princess & Lisa had her Captain & I chose to lead Kisses. We went for a nice walk up & down the road. Laurie felt bad that I didn’t ride, but no – it was win/win. I got a nice long brisk walk in & Kisses, who hadn’t been ridden since last fall, also got out to stretch her legs & could look around without worrying about a rider. Sunday, I did ride and she was perfect. I can’t believe I took pictures ~from~ horseback but not any of us ~on~ horseback! What a dork I am !!!!

Linda, Dave, Catie & Catie’s latest boyfriend came out Saturday to color eggs & have dinner. It’s amazing that manages to find the guys who have never done a fun Easter before. This is the second guy she’d brought that’s never colored eggs or looked for them!! WTF?!! Anyway, they chose not to stay or come back Sunday because they “wanted to spend the holiday with family”. ?????? Who are we, then??? Whatever. We had a good time anyway. We only hid eggs twice and didn’t lose any! It was nice to get home. It seemed like we were gone a lot longer than just overnight.

Randy & I both made geek eggs.

The annual bunny cake

So anyway, I should probably wrap this up and get a few things picked up & put away before taking Jack to the vet.  Later!

Sunset Saturday night.

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