Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dance Costumes !!

SQUEEEE!  This is my favorite time of year!  Angel brought home 3 of her 6 costumes tonight & tried them on for me. 

ballet - they're dancing to Stars & Stripes.  And yes - the tutu is wider than the door !!

non-competition jazz


Those are her Thursday night classes, so I imagine she'll get the Monday class costumes on Monday!  I know she'll be excited about that, since they'll be competition jazz, competition tap & hip hop.   She totally adores the comp jazz costume. 

She'll also get her shoes on Monday - I know that for sure.

Whew.  I'm going to need a bigger wall for all her pics!  I always get an 8x10 of one of the outfits, usually her favorite & 5x7s of the rest.  It's fun to get new pics, since I keep the old ones in the frame behind the current one.  So her first recital pic is still handy.  So cute!

That's it for tonight!
LOL - this is one of the title pages for a hidden object game I just downloaded - it's called the 13th skull! 

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