Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

Ahhh – peace & quiet! Randy is at the county meeting tonight and will most likely be there til all hours (like usual) and the girl just went to bed. I should have gone to the meeting tonight, but SOMEONE didn’t tell me it was a “dinner” meeting and so I didn’t pre-register. Butthead. Oh well – the training was on some weather radar software, so I’m OK with missing that anyway.

So I’m trying to get back into exercising. I’m trying to alternate doing Wii yoga with my Walk At Home DVDs. And of course my knee is trying to act up again and of course I have no idea where my knee brace is. So I’m trying to baby it to prevent massive pain. My knee is weird anyway. It’s not steady pain; it’ll just shoot thru at random. I could be taking a step or standing up and ZAP !!  Sometimes It’ll hurt in waves all day, other times it’ll just be for a few minutes where I can’t put any weight on it. Then it’s fine. And I never know when it’ll act up. What it’s been doing lately is when I step, I can feel the tendon down the back / inside of my leg pop like a guitar string. Doesn’t hurt, but is attention getting. I have a referral to an orthopedic specialist, but obviously haven’t gone.

Last week at work was insane. Geri is NOT allowed to go on vacation anymore. Just kidding – but WOW – I worked my butt off. I must have run back & forth across the room 25 times a day! Got my exercise in!! I was paranoid that I screwed up, because Tuesday morning I got 6 different emails about freight not being picked up. But it was a dispatch issue & not me. Whew! But I guess I did a good job, since one of the regular suppliers emailed her today & told her that I was a joy to work with & did a fine job, etc, etc. She yelled it across the room to me and Rodney & Paul were right there… both of them looked up & said “realllly?” at the same time. So I should either be scared that they may have ‘plans’ for me in the near future, or be offended that they just realized after almost 11 years that I was competent. I don’t know. Rich just put in his 2 weeks’ notice, so I honestly hope they don’t expect me to fill in for Geri while she does his stuff. Scheduling almost doubled my work load – so they would have to give me a hefty raise & realize that I am not working any later than 3:30. And then my own work suffered, too. Guess I’ll just have to wait & see what goes down.

It’s Spring Break! Not that it matters to me, tho. I took Angel to the Boys & Girls Club Monday & I swear I have not been that mad since the last time I dealt with the Donor! OMG, I saw red. She didn’t want to go, so first she threw a hissy in the car as we’re approaching. Then she refused to get out of the car. She did finally get out of the car, but then she stood next to it & wouldn’t go in. I really wished it would have started raining on her. I argued with her for 30 minutes!! She finally went in. I called around 10:30 to see how she was. The girl told me she sat there & pouted for a couple hours, but then got up & was talking to some other girls and started playing a game with them. So when I picked her up – all was good. GRRRR! I knew darn well she’d be fine, since she makes friends so easily!! So tonight Mom called & asked if she wanted to come over her house tomorrow & maybe spend the night. I told Brat Girl it was up to her if she spent the night or not & she decided not to, because she wants to go to the Club on Friday!!!! “Unfinished Business” she said. OMG.

I had to laugh at Randy the other night. His friend Bob who lives on the West side of the state, emailed him & told him that Southern Culture on the Skids was going to be there in concert in June. Randy asked if he could go & even said Pretty Please!! LOL, he makes it sound like I’m a jailor or something! What a goofball. He made sure to tell me that he was only going to take Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday morning off work. OK, dude, I trust you! I really do! And I bet before he goes, he’ll be sure to remind me to watch him on the APRS tracker!

It looks like that extra snow & ice we got didn’t hurt my flowers any! And I have some more crocuses (croci??) peeking out from the lawn. And I think the cuttings I got from Terry’s silver Dollar plant were trying to sprout, too!  I don’t know if they made it thru the cold, tho. Wait & See!

I had a dork moment! I did the online one-hour photo thing at WalMart on Monday afternoon with the intention of picking them up after taking Angel to dance. Forgot them. So yesterday, Angel & I stopped in to get them & found out that somehow I had them sent to the SuperCenter across town, instead of to the one right by the house. Damn it!! So I guess I’ll be going there grocery shopping this weekend. On the plus side – they have the really good boneless beef ribs there! It’s supposed to be like 60 this Saturday, so I think the grill will be coming out of the garage!!!

I just got a text that Randy is on the way home, so I’m going to wrap this up for tonight. If I remember anything I missed, I can always post again!

I found this stuff at the grocery store - ChocoVine - chocolate wine !!!! 
aka Adult YooHoo! 
OMG, it is SOOOO GOOOOOOD!  And with 14% alcohol, it's got a kick! 
Oh - and a good shot of my really ugly counter top!

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