Saturday, February 2, 2019

What up, Weekend! 2/2/19

Jack says he's tired of being cold, dammit!
I know I am.  I get that we're in Michigan so cold is inevitable - but 

 As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely ladies LindsayBeth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse to share things that made me happy or grateful in the past week.
 Holy crap, it's February ya'll!  

Woody the Woodchuck predicted an early Spring this morning!  I prefer her over Phil since she's from Michigan and has a better track record than Phil.  
groundhog think GIF
Pretty sunrise moon & planet from the Tim Horton's drivethru...
The smears are from my windshield, since my windows were all frozen shut.
The pop and beer cans on top of them may have exploded, but they didn't escape the case, so I was able to remove them before they melted and made the garage stink.

We got some pretty funny memes out of this Polar Cortex, tho. 
No photo description available.
Yes, folks!  Hell has indeed frozen over!
They even got some international recognition in this article from Australia
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And I didn't get any days off work this week - sob!  
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I have questions......
We got a good 6 inches of snow Monday - so I bundled up in my toasty SAR gear (wool socks / leggings / the works) to go shovel snow while Randy used the snowblower.  Since it was so cold, the snow was powdery and easy to move. 

This is when Randy asked me which I preferred - temps so cold they made the inside of your nose crystallize, or melting heat & humidity in the summer (aka Arkansas).  Of course I'd pick the heat!
Poor Jack is living in his coat lately.  He's lost so much weight that he's practically skeletal.  He's not eating much hard food anymore, even tho it's available 24/7, but he dives into the canned food and gets excited to take his meds because I wrap them in lunchmeat or cheese. 
Before I left for work....  I was seriously thinking about stopping at the gym to shower & get ready for work because I didn't want to take off any clothes in my house!  Our thermostat is usually 65 at night and during the day when we're not home - but it physically could not keep our house warm.
Wednesday night - 59* INSIDE the house and -17* outside!  
The windchill was around -35* or so. 
We had notifications from the gas company to turn our thermostats down to 65 due to a fire that happened at a local compressor station and they didn't want all the reserves to be used up quickly.  General Motors had plants shut down and everything  It was insane!  We were so afraid our pipes were going to freeze. 
I'm still wearing Halloween socks.  Don't judge - they match and were clean!
Speaking of Halloween - I was looking around online to see if there were any local Halloween conventions closer than the Midwest Haunter's Convention in Chicago and I found the Motor City Haunt Club!  They're based out of Detroit, and they meet each month to teach how to make a variety of things and they do different events in the community, film festivals and do some exploring!  I've already been in contact with the guy in charge and I do believe I will be joining!  
Randy & I went out to dinner last night and he found a nice plant to hold his hat while we ate.  I thought the jackalope behind it was a nice touch.
He loves that hat - I got it for him for Christmas many moons ago.
So my sister and I are officially Wilderness First Aid certified!  Those of us in orange are Lapeer County SAR peeps, the other are from a K-9 SAR.  Thursday was our last class with a written test and getting into teams for some practical work.  
Snagged from the LCSM Facebook page - they don't show is that I was actually opening Laurie's one eye and saying Helloooooooooooo!
After the test & hands on stuff - they asked if there was anything we wanted to go over one last time.  It was pretty unanimous that we wanted to see a hypothermia wrap, aka burrito.  Here'e Laurie is our victim & we laid out a tarp, a yoga mat, and a sleeping bag, then moved her onto it.  We wrapped her up in the sleeping bag, then covered her with a silver emergency blanket & folded the tarp up around her & taped it up. Then we moved her whole package onto a body transport.... 
and carried her outside & put her in a snowbank!!  
laugh lol GIF
Next week is our CPR recertifications and then we'll get some time off.  Whew! 

So what's been going on in your neck of the woods?  Staying warm?
Actually I just took Jack outside & it was 37*F - it felt balmy out!  



  1. It's slowly warming up near me. Crazy weather! Congrats on your new certification. I love that meme about it being cold out and there being people. Definitely no stars for that. Agreed. hah


  2. Yarrrr! My comment deleted and I’ve no idea why.

    Wasn’t last week so flippin cold?! I don’t think I’ve seen my dogs burrow so much in blankets as they did last week. I’m over winter.

    Well done on the certification my dear, that’s awesome. I like the burrito. Lol!

    I hope you had a great week hun!

  3. That's great, well done you. Many congrats!


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