Friday, February 15, 2019

What Up, Weekend! 2/15/19

Happy "Buy Your Own Damn Flowers" Day!  
aka the day after Valentine's where your husband is a self-proclaimed "tool" and didn't bring home anything - even after driving past probably 15 places where one could purchase any sort of little token. 
confused funny memes GIF
He did take me out to a nice dinner, even if he did offer to stop at CVS while I "looked the other way" so he could get a card.  
stop no GIF

And then didn't open the card I got for him because I didn't *physically* give it to him because it was laying on the kitchen table!  But he picked it up to look at the Reese's hearts that were underneath.   
angry tom and jerry GIF
Can you tell I'm still a bit cheesed about this???

I will buy my own flowers.
Because I want some!

Moving on. 
Happy Friday!  I'm linking up with the lovely ladies LindsayBeth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse. There's too much crap & negativity in the world, so these are all positive / happy / grateful posts in this linkup.   
I'll (try to) keep the snark to a minimum, too.

Let's see. 
There was a photo booth at the company Christmas party back in December, but the color printer wasn't working so all of the photos we got were in sepia tone.
We were all really surprised when the HR witch lady came around with color copies!
Yeah - more ice. 
But it looks really cool on the car!
Wonder how Slash feels about this?   Found these at Lowe's and had a good laugh.
This is my great-great grandmother on Dad's side, Lotty Owens.  She was born in the mid 1850s.  Judging by that smirk, I bet she was a character!
My sisters & I went over to a cousin's house last weekend who had a big box full of old photos and we had a nice afternoon of visiting & reminiscing.
Some of them I wondered how she got hold of - like an entire album of Laurie's when she was little!
Check out our 15th / 2nd birthday pic 
(I was born on her 13th birthday so she had to share)!
OMG - this is 17 year old me!  
I'd already had my hair cut for bootcamp so this was the summer after I graduated.
I look like a boy.  The one on the right?  I'm totally Tom Cruise. 
Image result for replace valentine memes
Have you seen this meme going around Facebook?
Sounds good but it would have to be an indoor holiday
since I'm not slogging around in this mess to put out ~anything~.
What you can't see is the layer of ice on top of the snow. 

 Speaking of FB - this popped up in my memories from 4 years ago...
Miss Angela's first trip to Nationals!
Can you just feel the excitement in that shot?  I love it. 
 Kudos to JamFest for giving each dancer medals and and really nice jackets when they won.  
 Another nice picture of one of the big maples out front.  
Why have I never noticed how cool the sky looks thru them before now?
Well, I couldn't stay mad at him.  
We went to grab coffee from Tim Horton's when he got home from work.
And he drew me flowers!


  1. We aren't big on Valentines Day around here. Probably because our anniversary is on the 5th and we can't wait another 9 days so we lump them together. My husband hates buying me flowers because they just die, but I try to tell him that chocolate will be gone in less time LOL I hope you had an amazing weekend!

  2. Those photo booths at parties and weddings are always so much fun :)
    How amazing that you have a photo of your Great-Great-Grandmother!


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