Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy Frozen Monday!

Happy Monday, ya'll!  
Hope you're staying warm, now that winter has finally decided to show up!  
It's so cold in my house - the furnace can't keep up!  
It was 61* in here when I got up this morning (and -11 outside!) 
Check this out - everyone's seen 1000 posts about last night's eclipse...
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But this morning was so pretty!  
I took this around 6am and my back yard was lit up like daylight!
I'm not sure what the little green ball is - I could see it on my phone when I was taking this.  Some kind of glare. 

Since I missed finishing this post in time for What's Up, Weekend with lovely peep at the Peaceful Posse, this is kind of a modified version.  I have to keep it somewhat quick, since I have to leave for my dance classes shortly! 
I took these last weekend when I was sitting out in the woods, playing victim so the search & rescue K9s could come find me.   Just thought they were neat. 
Does anyone remember making 'sit-upons' in Girl Scouts?  Basically a sheet of vinyl folded around a bunch of newspaper & sewed along the edges.  Yeah - I need to make one of those for sessions like this.  The ground was cold out there!  I had a couple paperbags wrapped in a Target bag, but it didn't last long enough. I used to have one from when I was a scout leader for Miss Angela's brownie troop, many moons ago.  But I don't think I have it anymore. 
This is a postcard that was in my sister's Winderness First Aid book - we had a good laugh about it. 
OMG - how funny is this?  Randy came across some old pictures this weekend - so I compared them!
Angel on the left & me on the right, both of us at 3 years old!  A lot of people say we look alike, but neither of us can see it.  
This was from last May - Still not seeing it!

Anyhooo, got the cut this short - I was hoping that typing would make my fingers warm, but it's not!   I'm sure dance class will!



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  1. I didn't see the actual eclipse, but the moon was crazy beautiful this morning AND tonight. It's definitely cold. I need all the layers, and blankets. hah



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