Saturday, January 5, 2019

What's up, Weekend! 1/4/19

As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely ladies Lindsay, Beth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse to share things that made me happy or grateful in the past week.
I was quite shocked at how easy this year's word came to me.  Last year's "consistent" bombed, to be honest.  Consistently scatterbrained, maybe!  But on NYE, I'd just turned out the light and thought something along the lines of "what word shall I try out this year?"  

The thought barely formed in my mind when the perfect word popped in.
Something I truly need to work on!
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I sometimes think I have ADD or something since I get distracted so easily.  Of course having a dog on water pills - I take him outside pretty regularly, but if he asks to go out?  I'm stopping what I'm doing right now to take him outside!  Or else I'm cleaning up a BIG puddle.  2 out of 3 cats see me sitting at the desk and want to be on my lap.  And Heaven forbid they lay down & go to sleep - they have to stand & whop me in the face with their tail & turn around in circles & get in the way of the keyboard, like cats do!   And that's just when I sit down to try to write a blog post or upload pics.  It happens in everything I do.  I'll try to do one thing, but then oh, I need to put in some laundry.  Then oh, I need to load the dishwasher.  Then oh, need to do this.  Then need to do that.  So yeah.  I need FOCUS!  

Is it wrong that I was hoping my sister would come over while we were in Arkansas and gather up the cats to take to her house so mine could "accidentally" burn down?  My house isn't exactly dirty - but it's cluttered something fierce.  We have a LOT of stuff in a very small house & no place to put it.  Which means I need to get rid of stuff!  
But where to start???  Anyone want to come over & help?  I'll supply pizza & beer!
Actually - they'd be more likely to be tripped by one of 4 mobile (feline/canine) boobytraps!

Have you ever heard of FlyLady?  One of her mantras is "you can do anything for 15 minutes".  So that's how I'm going to combat my spazziness.   Use a timer & force myself to do one thing at a time.  I have a lot going on this year, so I'd like to be able to function as a somewhat acceptable housewife.  I've been failing epically lately. 

I have literal shit-tons of search & rescue training coming up.  Besides it taking a minimum of an hour to even get TO each of the trainings, there are 4 different classes I'll be taking that will take the entire weekend.  The next 5 Thursdays I have Wilderness First Aid, then CPR.  They're going to have canine / equine first aid probably also in February.   We were told to expect another activation drill sometime in the next 3 months.  They're always looking for help with K9 training - I'm doing that again this Sunday.  We take turns being the 'victim' (lost in the woods for the dogs to find us) or 'flankers' for the dog handlers to keep track of where we are and make sure the dog & handler don't wander into harm's way.  And I know there's more, I just didn't grab out my planner to check.

I can't believe I didn't mention this before!  Right before the holidays, I let Miss Angela talk me into taking the adult dance classes with her at the studio!  She aged out of the competition team, so the only options for her were the adult classes and recreation classes.   So I'm doing hiphop and tap!  She thought I would have trouble with hiphop.  Ummmm nope.  The teacher is of course taking it a lot easier on us (a bunch of moms of which I am the thinnest one) then he ever did with the comp team.  Plus I've done Zumba so I'm pretty confident in being able to hold my own.   Tap was a different story.  The first week I didn't have proper shoes, so it was kind of awkward.  The second week I'd gotten my tap shoes & it made a world of difference!   
I can't wait to go back next week!
Maddie checking out my New Year's wine.
I had to work New Year's Eve day, so Timmy's did happen!
It's sad when the dog has a better weight loss record than you!  And at his appointment this morning, he was down another .2 lb.  Don't worry - the vet seems OK with this!  Jack is old (15) and has heart disease that really amped up in the last 2 or 3 months.  He's lost all this weight, but his legs are swollen, hence the water pills.  They don't make doggie compression socks, so I just try to take him for a little walk every day to keep him moving.  Down to the corner of the block and back or around the yard. 
They say he's currently stable and comfortable, so that's about all we can do.  He seems pretty chipper and still eats like a champ. He gets soft food with his meds, day & night, and hard food is down all the time for him, but he tends to snack on that at night.

I took advantage of sunny 45* weather today to take down the Christmas blowmolds from the front yard.  I was fighting a headache all afternoon and was really looking forward to a nap after work.  But it felt good to be outside when I took Jack out so I at least got them all to the backyard.  And may or may not have left all the cords in a tangled pile right inside the garage door. 
innocent futurama GIF
Then I took my nap!

Tomorrow is the day I'm going to start with my 15 minutes per room.  And maybe get the Christmas tree taken down.  I'm in no hurry to put all the nutcrackers away, tho!  


  1. I'm so with you! My house is not dirty just cluttered and sadly I'm sick out of too. I spent the week from Christmas to New Years decluttering and donating stuff! My wife and I want to donate a bag no less than once a month this year! For the first time in a bit, I have a clear countertop and it feels great. The hard part keeping it that way! I like your fifteen-minute challenge might have to give that a try. So a toast to a new year!

    1. Getting rid of a bag of stuff a month is a great idea! I have the Vietnam Veterans coming by Monday for a donation pickup. I scheduled it ahead of time, so I'm forced to get stuff together for them, LOL!

  2. I have still have the tree up at my house, but the rest of the Christmas decorations are down. We just have Winter type things up now and that's not really even a lot.

    Look at you joining adult dance! I never danced growing up, but I've wanted too, so I joined too. Right now I'm doing tap and cardio hip hop but I've done just straight up hip hop and jazz as well. It's a lot of fun, and it's a better way to get me moving. LOL


    1. Hooray for adult dance classes! The only other dancing I've done in the past is barroom line dancing back pre-kid. That was pretty fun, tho.

      I'm not too concerned about the teacher for tap, since she's been one of Angel's teachers for years so I know her, but I kind of wonder if the hiphop teacher watches me & her together and wonders where she gets it from!

  3. Focus is a great 2019 word! And it took me a second to get the Positive Vibes cartoon and then I couldn't stop laughing, ha! Too funny!

    1. The cartoon went over well on Facebook, too! I giggled when I first saw it.

  4. Great word for the year!
    I'm laughing at the positive vibes LOL!
    I heard of Flylady many years ago from a friend. I keep that 15 minute advice to this day - amazing how much can be done in that amount of time.
    Wishing you all the best for 2019.

    1. 15 minutes is a good amount of time to feel like you've accomplished something, too.
      All the best back to you, too!

  5. Poor jack eh? It’s always so hard when we have aging pets and we do just about everything imaginable to make their lives more comfortable. Too bad you didn’t know anyone that sews or you could have him made socks.
    I love your word- I need more focus too. Isn’t it a curse and a blessing when our pets snuggle up to us and trap us so we can’t/don’t want to move? Lol!

    Love the positive vibes meme (Hahahah) and I love your nod to Tim Hortons. ;)

    Hope you’re havig a great week Lisa. :)

    1. When the cats get on my lap I call it feline paralysis and there is no cure because you're just stuck there until they decide to move. My one cat will stay there and I can pick him up and move to a different place and he'll just settle back in like nothing happened.
      My Timmy picture is from my SnapChat streaks on that last day of 2018 - it seemed appropriate!

  6. Focus was my word for 2017! It was a difficult year for me, but that word helped me keep my priorities in check. Best of luck focusing in 2019!!


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