Thursday, December 20, 2018


Woohoo!  So I joined up in a holiday mug swap with San over at TheInBetweenIsMine for my first time this year.  I got my mug last week but today was the reveal day!

A lot of thanks to Tanja from EverdayInOC for my awesome Beagle mug!!  
I love the unusual shape.
And the artwork is just adorable!
Jack approves! 
And she quite brilliantly packed the box with little things to help protect the mug..
I will be fighting the Spawn off these, since she loves them, too
 Mmmmm holiday blend coffee!  

Vielen Dank!!

 I can't wait to check out the hashtag and see what everyone else got!


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  1. That mug is adorable. I had two beagles growing up and loved them dearly. Dogs are great companions.


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