Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#Blogoween - Goodrich Cemetery

OK, I am doing Blogoween after all! 
I signed up to do 13 posts, so I better get busy!
(For my next post I'm going to try my first book review!)

I am a taphophile.  That's someone who is interested in cemeteries / headstones / etc.  I love to explore old (the older, the better!) cemeteries and often plan vacations to include a side trip to one or six (the hubby humors me!) 
I just really enjoy the art, peace & history. 

Anyhoo.  A bit of a backstory here - my daughter has danced since she was 4 (she just turned 21) and I have a photo album of her in every single costume she's ever worn over the years.   Last spring however, she wasn't able to get her individual photos taken at the studio with everyone else so I opted to take them myself.  This was her last year of competitive dance so we wanted to do something cool & unique for each one.   When it came to jazz, I thought it would be neat to take her pics in an old cemetery.  She immediately jumped on the idea & named this particular one. 
Supposedly it's haunted by a man named George and has a very active paranormal portal to one side of the gate.

First, watch the video and see if you don't agree with our choice of location.....

Goodrich Cemetery is located in Romeo, Michigan in Macomb County.  The link there goes to my Halloween-y blog that tells more about it & has more pics of the stones. 

I made sure to thank the Bishops for use of their stone. 
I sure didn't want to piss off 100+ year old ghosts!

She'd already gone & changed into her next costume when I suggested doing some leaps.
One of the articles I read from a paranormal group claims that George has a sense of humor.  If so - I'm sure he was entertained by this, since the stone for the only George buried in this cemetery is directly under her right calf above!

Bloopers are always fun!

Her response to the suggestion of a diving roll between these stones. 



  1. These are great pictures! She is very limber, lol. My muscles hurt just looking at some of those poses!

    1. Thanks! We have 2 more costumes to get pics in, then I'll post them all. It's been fun doing "photoshoots" with her since she loves to be in front of the camera!

  2. Oh beautiful photos, and yay, I'm glad you're doing Blogoween!! Your daughter looks like a great dancer.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement!
      Of course I'm biased, but I think she's amazing! LOL!

  3. Omg these pictures are incredible and loved watching her dance routine! I have a thing for cemeteries too!

    1. Thanks! That's one of my favorite routines she's done - so different from most of the jazz dances we saw at competitions.
      People always think I'm weird when I mention going to cemeteries. But there's someone's long departed relative who just got visited & remembered.


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