Saturday, March 10, 2018

What Up, Weekend?

I had a great week so I have a lot of positive things to write about in this week's linkup with the Peaceful Posse! 

So if you've never heard of this phenomena, you basically write about any little or big thing that has made you happy this past week.  Since we're all tired of reading / hearing / watching all the horrible & depressing things going on in the world these days, it's refreshing to reading some positive & good things!

1.  No more playing chauffeur!   Back story - in mid February Miss Angela was in a car accident and her car was totalled (she was shook up, but fine otherwise) and she'd been Ubering to work and I'd pick her up after & did the dance shuttle, etc.  Last weekend we went on another car shopping trip where she looked at & test drove several prospects.  Then as we were walking up to the building, the sun shone on this "old person" car and made it glow (it's pearl, not white!).  We both gasped, since it was so pretty!  
Long story short - "Reginald" is now sitting in our driveway.    
2.  As we were driving back out to the dealership Monday night to take possession of Reginald, I caught a glimpse of this car in the far right lane and I grabbed my phone and told Angel to get a picture of it.   It's a Hazzard County Sherriff's car!!  I couldn't tell what state was on the license plate, but it said HCOUNTY.
3.  Some of us moms from the studio made a FB page, to encourage each other to get in shape before going to Orlando for Nationals in June.  One lady had been doing virtual races on an app called Yes.Fit and showing off her medals that she's earned.  So several of us joined in.  I jumped right in with a 64 mile race called Popeye Strong.  But since I linked my Fitbit up to it, I was able to finish my race in 21 days, just by daily activity (and 2 days at the gym).  So this is my medal that just shipped yesterday.  Can't wait to get it! 
 4.  Apparently this is how one of the ladies at work now feels about this poor snowman that's been on the counter in the restroom.  
 5.  Driving in snow sucks, but it sure is pretty!
 6.  Me & sister Laurie had our first meeting with the Lapeer County Sheriff's Mounted Division Search & Rescue Team last night!  They talked about uniforms, gear, radios, required training,  GPS units & opportunities / events to get involved in.  We're getting excited to be a part of this!
(OMG - Lt. was saying they were only able to get 4 radios for his division.  I texted the model to Randy since we're both hams and I knew he'd be interested.  He looked them up online one they run $2000 used!!  Damn!!)
My window decal for the car.  It's getting real up in here!

   7.  Angel's solo costume finally came in and it doesn't really even need any alterations!  Her legs look freakishly long here. 
8.  I went in on 2/28 was was sworn in at my VFW post.  The very next day, I ordered a name tag, a necklace (with a dogtag charm that has the VFW emblem on one side and "Real women wear dogtags" on the other) and my garrison cover.  Since my name tag and cover are personalized, it said it could take several weeks to get them.  So when I got an email that part of my order shipped, I assumed it was just the necklace.  Nope!  My name tag was in there, too!  It's to the Maltese cross on one side, then my name, post # and city.  I'm happy to have it before the next meeting.  

9.  Getting together with some coworkers for beverages earlier this week to send off one of 3 dispatchers who quit last week.  There's a fairly big turnover with dispatchers there, I'm not sure if it's because of the redundancy (they basically dispatch trucks 3 different ways - 2 of which are unnecessary and most trucking companies don't use anymore because, computers!) or the really shitty hours?   I personally wouldn't want to work 5am-5pm, 4 days on, 4 days off.

10.  Taking Jack (my dog) out to Laurie's with me and watching him plow thru chest-deep snow as fast as he could when we went out to the barn.  He loves going to Aunt Laurie's!  And giving him the chance to hang out with her dog Barney while we were at the SAR meeting. 

11.  Going to Ford Field in Detroit tomorrow night to see the Monster Trucks!

So what's made you happy this week?  


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  1. So she did get the Cadi... nice! Nice wheels girl. ;)
    Look at that old police car! How neat!
    I LOVE Angel’s costume, it’s so pretty.
    Driving in the winter does indeed suck balls. I’m in Canada and every damn winter I grit my teeth.

    Im so proud of you for getting on the search and rescue team. You sound so pumped and you’ll have to share some of your experiences with us, that is, if you can.

    Hope your week has been good Lisa. xo


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