Monday, March 12, 2018

10 on the 10th linkup, March edition

Ooooo-weeee  this one will be a hoot!  10 spring cleaning tips from someone who'd rather burn the house down and start over??

Confession to those who don't know me - I an most definitely NOT Suzy Homemaker.  

When Randy & I moved in together in 2003, we condensed 2-1100+ sq foot apartments into this minuscule 850 sq foot house (in our defense, it felt a lot bigger when the realtor showed it to us and it was empty!)  Which means WAY too much clutter.   Let's just say there's never been a car in the 2 car garage.  Our laundry "room" is barely big enough for the washer & dryer and up until a year ago - the furnace was also in there!  It added a degree of difficulty to doing laundry.  Since the 40+ year old beast was getting to be a fire & carbon monoxide fear, we upgraded to a new furnace that oddly enough....hangs on the wall.  I was so excited for that!  No more contortionist moves to get clothes from washer to dryer!

So yeah.   I don't really have any "tips" per se.  

I do recommend FlyLady (which works great if you actually DO what she suggests!) - in a nutshell, keep your kitchen sink empty & work on chores 15 minutes at a time.  

Another great suggestion I saw online somewhere, is to get rid of 40 bags  of stuff during the 40 days of Lent.   (edit!  I found the site so I can give credit!  White House Black Shutters )

You can bet I'm going to go check out off the other posts that have linked up with Erin! 
If anyone wants to come over to help get me over being so overwhelmed.... 
I'll feed you & give you margaritas!  


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