Monday, March 5, 2018

TBB Asks - Beauty Edition

Here's another fun linkup from The Blended Blog!

I'm not the most girly one out there, but I'll still join in. 

1.  An eyelash curler has touched my eyes exactly once.  When I let Miss Angela do my makeup for a family "Girls Night Out" last year. 

2.  Favorite nail shade?  I tend to have my toes painted more often than my fingers.  I prefer bright colors for them.  The last time I had my fingers painted was last September for my nephew's wedding and I used this polish I got from Hot Topic that's basically clear with a tons of glitter in it.  It looked so cool and bonus!  The bottle is skull-shaped!
Related image
3.  Lipstick?  I don't wear it often, but when I have recently I've stolen Angel's lipstick that she uses for dance competitions.  It's Revlon Colorstay in "Relentless Raisin" - a darkish purple that doesn't wear off until sometime the next day. 
Check me out all duded up for the nephew's wedding!

4. Air Dry

5. Real nails

6. Foundation?  Not too often.  I tend to use it like concealer & put it mainly around my eyes. 

7.  Hair is usually up in a clippy. 

8.  Body wash

9.  Shower

10.  Nivea Smooth Daily Moisture

11.  No perfume.  At least not often.  Strong scents give me a headache, so I have to be really selective about what I wear.   

12.  HA!  Nope!  Actually, since I turned 40, the leg hair seems to be getting less!  And oddly enough - it's only on the fronts of my shins. 

13.  Blistex Medicated Mint.  I always put it on at night.  Or any of the Chapstick seasonal flavors - pumpkin pie, peppermint, etc. 

14.  I was probably 6th or 7th grade when I started - I can't remember which one of my school pictures had the lovely 80s shocking blue garage-door eyeshadow.....! 


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