Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Last weekend, we went up north to my sister & brother-in-law's place on a lake about 2 hours away.  They and 2 couples of their friends have 3 lots in a row.  Linda & Dave and Jeff & Annie both have 2 campers on their lots - the second ones being "guest houses".  Angel has been going up there since she was about 5 and is close buddies with Jeff & Annie's granddaughter, Ashley.  

 We thought we'd be a lot later, because Miss Angela was supposed to work until 10pm and we were just going to have the car packed and pick her up on the way when she got off work.  But at the last minute, she was able to switch shifts and got home before me!

It kinda screwed me up, since Thursday, with the thought I could do all the packing when I got home Friday, went shopping.  I had to go buy a new stapler for work (since the woman who orders supplies there acts like the $ comes out of her pocket and bitches when we need something), then I went to JoAnn Fabrics to use a 20% coupon.  Then I stopped at the Dollar Treasure to get a few things for camping - can cozies, coffee cups, clothes pins, etc.  And the Salvation Army was right there, so I wandered thru there.  I looked at my phone on the way to the car at 7:45pm and saw Angel had just texted me about changing shifts!  Crap!  I had a lot to do!

I hurried home, grabbed something to eat and went out at 8:15 to mow the back yard.  I finished by Braille since it was almost full dark when I finished.  

Friday after work, I had my closer-to-7-week check up after my surgery.  I got the blessing to proceed with life as normal - Yay!

So then I went to the grocery store, and then home to help Randy finish packing and loading the car.  He had actually left work at 1!!  We stopped along the way for dinner and got to Linda & Dave's around 10.  Not impressed with Cracker Barrel's Halloween offerings this year, but we did get a Halloween Mad Libs book that kept us entertained for the rest of the trip and half the way home.

OMG, words can't describe how beautiful the clear sky was up there!   We could see zillions of stars.  Just stunning. 
The fire was nice, too.
Unfortunately, Saturday morning, it started to rain as soon as we got up.  Linda and I had planned to go for a walk at 8, but that didn't happen.  It rained pretty steady until about 2.  
This is a Randy camping tradition - he has to hunt "Spaminoles" before he can make breakfast!  We always get a good laugh out of this. 
btw - this is the only time I eat Spam.  He fries up slices and we make Spam, egg & cheese bagels for breakfast.  It's actually quite good! 

Angel & Ashley & Ashley's boyfriend got bored, so they went into town to see a movie.  While they were gone, it stopped raining so me & Randy, Linda & Annie all went out on the boat.  Dave & Jeff stayed back to take the speedboat out of the water.  Guess no tubing this weekend! 
Channeling our inner Little Big Town - doing some Day Drinking on the Pontoon! 
Jack was a pain in the butt while paying washer toss.  
He kept wandering around in the way, following me from end to end!  
I suck at that game, but we decided alcohol helps our skill.
Emmetts on ice.  Labatt Blue.  Rum & Coke.  Yeah.  
Daddy Longlegs says "you can't see me!" 

The kids came back while we were on the lake, so Linda took them out for a ride.  They seemed OK with not going tubing.  It was chilly anyway!  I had shorts on, but don't think I took my hoodie off at all.   I waded out a little bit into the channel in the shallow water, which should be warm but was most definitely NOT! 

Saturday afternoon we spent playing games & taking golf cart rides & just relaxing.  It started to clear up after dark so we could see some stars, but not anything like Friday night.  We sat out by the first and chatted for a long time until it burned down.  A small storm rolled thru around 2am.  The long, low rumbling thunder woke me up and I had the quick thought about being glad we weren't in a tent and dozed lightly, listening to the rain on the camper. 

Sunday started out foggy, but then cleared up into a glorious day!  Jeff & Annie always leave early, as did Ashley & Garrett.  So we just hung out.  We took the dogs for a ride on the pontoon while Angel drove.  Linda & Dave coached her and she did great!   
Here we were doing donuts in the lake! 
Jack wasn't too thrilled with his first pontoon ride with his cousins, Webster & Baxter.  The big upper-left pic tells it all!  He did better sitting on the seat next to me, tho.
While Dave & Randy packed up, us girls went for a golf-cart ride around the resort.  
We mainly went to look at some of the houses we could see from the lake - to see what they looked like from the road.  Some are magnificent!   

We also saw the cutest thing.  3 young kids, around 8 or 9 years old playing with their pony.  They had the pony hitched to a Radio Flyer wagon.  The kid driving sat on a small desk chair in the wagon.  Another kid sat behind her and the third was on a tricycle tied to the back of the wagon!  So they were trotting up and down the driveway until someone fell out, then the pony would stop until everyone was situated again and then trot away!  Adorable!

We left to come home in the early afternoon and its always so nice to use your own bathroom after being away for a while. 

Yesterday was my birthday!  And just because I could....I wore my pearls to work. 
We went to Red Lobster for dinner and just missed Mom, Linda & Laurie - who's birthday it also was.  I was born on her 13th birthday - surprise! 
This "Alotta Colada" with a sidecar of rum hit the spot!

Randy has already acknowledged the fact that he's not the most inspired of gift-givers.  Usually I get free rein to buy what I want at the annual Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Preview Party that happens the last weekend in August.  But since we were up north, I didn't get to physically attend the party.  A lovely lady from the Halloween Forum offered to buy me the piece I really wanted (in case they sold out) and have it shipped to me. 
I got it today!!

I wasn't sure if I'd have interwebz access up north but I was able to get online Saturday and order 2 other pieces that I liked. 
They should be here Thursday.  Yay!
I'd like to get to the store so I can smell some of the new candles this season.  I'm funny with my candles - if they're too strong I get bad headaches.  And I really don't like any of their pine / spruce / dark green in general candles.  Sneezes!

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  1. I have not camped in I don't even know how long. Sounds like you had fun.

    1. Randy and I decided that we prefer the camper over a tent anyday! Guess we like our comforts in our old ages. Anyway - it rained a LOT that weekend, so a tent would have been really uncomfortable.


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