Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Still indifferent...

So I'm still not loving the new SmartPoints plan yet.  I really need to sit down and read thru everything better and do some planning.  I've been cruising along doing my usual stuff and it's still quite the culture shock to scan one of my usual lunches and it's jumped up 3 points or more!

I sure hope they work the bugs out of the website & mobile app, too.  I hate that they got rid of the section where you recorded your measurements!  I've been tracking my inches since day 1 (August 2008) and they're all gone.  I chatted with one of the so-called "experts" and she said I'd just have to track them on paper!  it's a good thing I couldn't reach thru the monitor or I would have punched her in the nose.

I do like the new journal.  It's a nice soft leather and has lots of pages for notes & such.  No place for a pen, tho.  First-world problems!

So this is my plan.....I got a pack of index cards and a case from the store and many moons ago I won the tiny WW spiral notebook with sticky notes and arrows from a meeting.  I'm going to write down a bunch of recipes (with associated SPs) and each week I'll make dinner plans & a grocery list from cards that I draw.  I hate grocery shopping more than I did a root canal!  I never know what to make since I live with Mr & little Miss Picky-Ass.
Quick little health issues from last month?  I think I may have possibly had a miscarriage.  I did some research and it is possible.  I would have been about 7 weeks along and when (TMI ALERT) Aunt Flo arrived, it lasted for 3 weeks and while I normally lose some big clots, I was clearly losing chunks of tissue. I guess I don't really have any feelings about it, since I never knew 100% for sure and therefore hadn't wrapped my mind around the whole situation.

2 weeks ago was Miss Angela's first dance competition of the season.  They got their "costumiforms" around 3pm Friday afternoon and wore them Saturday.  The owner of the studio was pissed - they sent the wrong skirts, too.  They were too tight for the girls to do their kickline without riding up, so she managed to wrestle up 16 pairs of matching black shorts for them to wear instead.

They got 4th place!  It's actually quite awesome.  They were the only studio team there, up against some really good, established high school cheer teams. And they've only been doing pom since September.   I put the video up on my YouTube page if you want to see it.

Are you ready for Christmas?  I have a ton of laundry to finish and need to put a bunch of nutcrackers someplace (I have over 100!!) so that's what I'll be doing in the morning.  Tomorrow night we're going to my sister's house.  Then Christmas Day evening we're going to Frankenmuth for the night.  The hotel we're staying at has a water park and then Saturday we'll go to Bronner's - the world's largest Christmas store!   Randy and I are staying Saturday night, too.  Angel has to work, so her & my niece will come back early and she'll go back out to my sister's that night so she doesn't have to stay home alone. 

The buzzer just went off, so need to go switch some clothes - yay, me!


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