Thursday, December 10, 2015

And here we go!

We put the tree up last Wednesday and little Miss Daisy didn't seem to be too obnoxious around it. Friday, Angel & I put lights & garland on it and everything still seemed to be OK. I got around to putting a couple ball ornaments on it a couple nights ago and BINGO! The inevitable happened. 

She reached up past the silver & gold balls to get to the one shiny green ball and proceeded to knock it down several times. it's not even on the tree now. 
She's so funny that she will copy what Chester does - the much older, supposed-to-be wiser cat.  When I tried to put the rest of the ornaments on light night, he sat on top of the tote that I wanted to open.  Once I shoo'd him down, she had to get on it.  Mostly she's been lying under it, because the tree skirt is fleece so it's fluffy & warm.

So listen to this craziness - I took Daisy in last Thursday to get spayed.  Over the weekend, she appeared to lick a spot raw on her belly, next to the incision.  There was some weird swelling and it looked like she'd pulled a suture out, so I called the vet Monday and took her in.  There are 2 vets in this office we go to, Dr. R appears to be the senior vet and does the surgeries, Dr. K is the backup.  I like them both, actually.  We saw Dr. K this time.  The good news is, the swelling was normal (wish they would have told me that at the beginning!!), they glued the spot that was unsewed and they gave me some solution to soak the scabby spot on her belly and then told me to put Neosporin on it.  She took a picture and texted it to Dr. R, who wanted me to bring her back in to see it personally.  We went today.  She told me that Daisy had been the second recently-spayed cat to come in about this same thing and a third owner had just called.  They did some investigating and found out that the new bulb they'd just installed on the operating table had heated up the clamps so badly that the kittens had gotten burned!!!  I thought this lady was going to cry when she told me, she felt so bad!  I was just relieved they found out what it was and that we were already taking steps to help her heal.  The poor baby!  She goes back Monday to have the sutures removed and hopefully she won't have to go back for a long time.  Poor booger doesn't like the cage or car rides. And the last 2 times we've been there, there has been barking dogs in the lobby and she didn't like them at all.  Today the biggest bulldog I'd ever seen (named Sarge appropriately) kept lunging toward us.  I set the carrier on a chair and stood in front of it in case he got loose! 

This weekend is the first dance competition of the year for Miss Angela!  There's a new All-Star team at the studio and they'll be competing against high school dance teams and such.  She's actually been to the Michigan State Spirit Showdown a couple years ago, with the Utica JV dance team.  However, as of right now....they don't even have costumes (uniforms? costumiforms!)!! We paid for them back in September, so I'm not sure what the holdup has been!!!  They're supposed to be in tomorrow - sure hope they don't need any alterations (like Angel and a couple other girls usually need) but they do need to be rhinestoned!  Damn, people.

Doesn't everyone have a skeleton wearing an ugly Christmas sweater?
This is Rudy.  
He crossed over to the jolly side because he heard there are cookies and hot chocolate. 

So I haven't even brought in my nutcrackers yet.  I have a huge collection - over 100!  I have some in the house, the ones I acquired since putting stuff away last winter and my 3 really big guys.  But there's 3 huge totes full out in the garage, yet!  I've been in that Bah-Humbug mood because my house is a mess and I don't know what to do with all this CRAP!!  Our house is really small with very little storage so I have a hard time getting anything actually put away, because there is no such place!  I make fairly regular donations to the Vietnam Veterans, but it doesn't seem to make a dent.  Sometimes I want to burn the house down and just start over (being dramatic - I wouldn't actually do that!)

Last Saturday was my work Christmas party.  It's a nice time.  Fancy Italian restaurant with a 'mentalist' as entertainment.  Good food and we always get a bottle of wine from the owner of the company.  He always does a speech about the state of the company and how much he appreciates all of us.  He acknowledged the 12 new people hired this year and the 4 of us non-family people who have been with him over 15 years, then told us about raises & bonuses - hooray!  After the party, he invited us all into the bar to watch the Michigan State game and drinks were on him.  Randy and I don't care for football (Me Like Hockey!) so we opted to head home.

Randy must have eaten something that gave him hallucinations.  He was drifting in and out of sleep while I read, waiting from Miss Angela to get home from a friend's going-away party and he rolled over and told me there was a piece of glitter on his face.  So I told him to close his eyes and he wouldn't see it.  He told me it was red glitter and was burning a hole in his cheek!  What a goofball!

Last Sunday we went to the Detroit Zoo to see their "Wild Lights".  It was pretty neat.  We took Mom in our car so we could use her handicap parking and even got invited to park on the grass right next to the gate to the zoo!  It was a nice night.  They had hot chocolate stations and fire pits all along the route so it was pretty nice.  Right as we left, the fog started rolling in.

This is the water tower, we could barely see it!

I can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks!  Where has 2015 gone?


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