Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Almost New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!  I rehashed my weekend HERE if you want to read about mine.

So I got my FitBit One - It comes on a clip instead of a bracelet, so I can continue clipping it on my bra.  I'm still figuring this thing out.  I get the impression it's just a fancy pedometer, because on the "My Activity" page it automatically syncs the steps, but I have to add any additional activities manually.  And it's a good thing I looked, because I always wore my Activelink swimming, this one I can't!  So the X hours we spent in the pool Christmas Day I had to track.  I lost out on a lot of steps, tho.  We had to walk all around the huge hotel to get to the various pools (yay, Bavarian Inn!)  Plus all those trips up the stairs to the water slides!

I need to send a shout out to the wonderful Miss Kitty at Less Of A Better Me.  I'm learning more about the new WW plan from her and her blog than I am from the somewhat confusing website, their so-called "experts" on the chat and even my meetings!
So I found this really cool group on the WW message boards.  It's something like the 10 cent healthy habits, I can't remember exactly how the title goes.  But the idea is to choose so many habits and you earn (figuratively or literally) a dime for each item you check off daily.  I'm using my fancy leather-ish journal from WW to keep track each day.   I have a great short-term goal.  If I do each and every item on my list for 39 days, I will have earned a 30 minute massage!  There'a place near me called Luv Nails and that's what they cost there.  GOALLLLLLLL!
Some of the items are pretty obvious.  My journalling is what you're looking at.  Writing down this list each day and checking them off.  The 5K steps will change accordingly.  The FLY 15 minutes is from  And the tough one is going to be lights out before 11pm.  I don't know why I have such a hard time with this, especially since my alarm goes off at 5:30am on weekdays. I"m more than ready for bed, but it seems I get caught in a time warp and BOOM, it's past 11. 

Speaking of......It's 10:20ish, even tho it's technically the beginning of my 4 day weekend, it can't hurt to hit the sack!  Since tomorrow night we'll up past 1, since we have to celebrate the Arkansas New Years in spirit with the MIL.  No check mark for me!


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  1. I have the bracelet type of Fitbit and I was going to "Upgrade" to the clip-on type but reviews such as yours have made me rethink that idea. Happy New Year and thanks for your helpful and inspiring posts.


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