Sunday, August 3, 2014

MAJOR shopping trip!

Yesterday I managed to drag Randy out to the mall with me.  It was the Boney Bunch Preview Party at Yankee Candle and I bribed him with breakfast to go with me.

I was kind of disappointed in the store, since last year they made a big deal about this - all the Boney Bunch stuff was right there as soon as you walked in the door, they did games & drawings and all the employees were in actual costumes.  This year, they had 2 tables in the middle of the store and one employee had a bat headband on.  Woo.  Nothing else.  What a bunch of poo-heads!  But it sure didn't stop these women from spending money!!  2 that were in line in front of me both spent over $200.  And I feel I was lucky to have seen the $20 off $45 purchase coupon on the Boney Bunch Love FB page and took advantage of it - I didn't see anyone else with one!

So I brought home these  guys.....

And they ordered these for me.....  the lady in front of me had the last of the Drop Dead Gorgeous pieces and the Pet Cemetery was a web exclusive.  But I was able to order them and pay for it all at once.  

OMG, this Pet Cemetery is hilarious!  The candle goes in the middle under the hanging tart warmer, but it's surrounded by headstones - a fish one that says FIN, a turtle one that says Shell Shocked, a parrot one that says Polly got Crackered, a dog one that says Femur, a frog one that says Croaked and a cat one that says Whiskers.   Love it! 

OK, so that was one tiny part of our shopping excursion.  the MAJOR part of it was for a new vehicle for me!  I've been driving my little mean green 2000 Ford Escort for almost 12 years.  It's got serious rust issues and a hole in the floorboard.  But really, other than not winning any beauty contests, it's been a good car.  It has always run pretty good and I've kept the engine maintained.  But there were times this past winter where we were afraid I was going to hit a bump and it would just break in half.  The hole appearing was the final straw.  Randy had a chat with the bank and got pre-approved for a car loan so we could start shopping!

I'm not a picky person.  I didn't have my heart set on any certain vehicle.  I sort of wanted a small SUV, since it would be easier to get in & out of when the knees act up.  But most cars made today sit a lot higher than my Escort! So my options were many.  I prefer Ford, but the Buicks kept pulling me to them. Randy kept directing me to Chevy Malibus (he drives a Malibu and I refuse to matchy-matchy with him!!)  I don't want leather seats.  And it has to be a Big 3 product - I'm not going to risk Dad coming back to haunt me!  We stopped at a few dealerships Friday night and Saturday after the mall.  One was open so I was able to take a couple test drives.  I really like this one!

This is a 2008 Saturn Vue.   
And I look good in it!

We didn't even make it to the Ford dealer that we originally planned to stop at.  We currently have a deposit on this - Randy has to call the bank and the insurance guy tomorrow to make sure it all works out......

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

I apparently have this thing for cars that aren't made anymore.  My first car after moving back to Michigan in 2000 (after the Ex let my Blazer get repo'd) was a red 1989 Dodge Raider with a manual transmission....
complete with trip-over-meter (inclinometer) since it was top heavy.

They don't make Escorts anymore.....

And now Saturns in general aren't made anymore!

Randy and I did have a chance to talk about the fate of the Escort.   We decided it would be a good first car for Miss Angela, since she is in Segment 1 of drivers training right now. Granted she won't have her license til the end of this year, but it won't cost us anything- we know the history & maintenance of it - and if she dents or scratches it - oh well!  She's already pretty used to driving it anyway.  It'll do until she gets a job and can buy something of her own.   She says she likes it and back when she was 10, she had asked me if she could have my car when I died!  Heehee!!

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