Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It is MINE !!!

The credit union finally came thru (above & beyond!) and I picked up my Vue last night!

We didn't think we were going to get it until later this week - Randy had a fire drill at his work yesterday and a meeting that went way longer than expected....so he couldn't get to the CU before they closed.  Luckily, the lady there was able to email the paperwork to him and he could e-sign them and they would overnight the check to the dealership.


The only issue we discovered (after we left the dealership of course) was the lovely fact that I had no brake lights!!  Luckily Randy was following me to the restaurant where we were going to celebrate the purchase.  He checked the fuses and a quick stop at Walmart to get some new bulbs and it was fixed in less than 10 minutes and about $3.  But still - they had over 50 miles of test drives on that thing - in & out of the lot -  and no one who worked there even noticed there were no brake lights??  But the dealer called me today to tell me about the OnStar and I told him about it then.  So when I'm ready for the first oil change, to call him and he'd hook me up for free.

So sitting in the parking lot - Randy's telling me to turn on certain things while he's under the hood.  I had to search for everything he asked for!  Fog lights?  I have fog lights?  No idea where those were.  But I did get very familiar right away with the wipers.  Darn rain anyway!

But it's so fun to drive!  It doesn't feel as big as it is, compared to the Escort.  But I sure notice how tall it is!  And I really like being able to change the radio station without letting go of the wheel.

And of course, Randy fills expects us to drive this to Arkansas this winter.  Sheesh!  All those miles / wear & tear on my vehicle!   Pppft.

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