Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy End-Of-A-Long Weekend!

Sheesh, I didn't even write any patriotic, flag-waving posts this year!  And we were home, too.  Miss Angela left Thursday morning to go up to the lake with my sister while Randy & I were at work.

So Randy & I had a date night - let my just say ahead of time.....this was the WORST weekend for any sort of reasonable eating plans EVAH !!!  I did cruise into Weight Watchers to hop on the scale (stayed the same - wooohoo!) and then left right away.  I have a feeling that the meetings were pretty scarce Thursday!  Then we went to dinner at Bad Brad's BBQ.  This first step of my downfall.

OMG - chicken & waffles as our appetizer.  It was phenomenal !!!!
I ordered the 2 meat dinner, so smoked turkey & chopped brisket with mashed sweet taters & cucumber / onion salad.  The brisket & most of the salad went home with me.

Friday was the 4th - Randy & I were doing radio communications for the parade people again.  He was at the staging area, but my spot was along the parade route, happily coinciding with the corner my family has always sat at!

Some of the politicians were smart enough to hand out Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches and dog biscuits (we had Jack & Morgan with us) - too bad neither of us live in your county, so don't expect our votes, but thanks anyway!!!

Food on Friday was Tim Horton's for breakfast, an ice cream cone from the neighbor who sets up a machine in his driveway every year, lunch at a local diner and leftover Chinese food for dinner.

Saturday I went out to Laurie's to join her & her riding group on a ride around her area.  Sherry & Lucy trailered their horses to Laurie's house and we went from there.  It was a nice day for the 2 1/2 hour ride! Captain is a good old man (he's 22, a senior citizen for sure!) - he was the good example for the younger horses.  Nothing really bothers him.  The only thing that really caught his attention and made him stop was a set of old mattresses by the road.  I let him stop and look, assuring him that they may look like a crime scene, they weren't going to hurt him!  He didn't like my sneezing, either.  I think in my old age I'm becoming allergic to horse dander.  Damn!

I borrowed Sherry's extra helmet since Laurie's extra is more for the girls - so too small for my melon.  But you have to admit - it's fabulous!!   Not having a visor still gave me a headache from the sun, tho.

We did learn to start carrying some cash on these rides.  We passed 2 little girls who had a lemonade stand on the side of the road.  That sounded SO good and no one had any money!  Booo!

Laurie has 3 horses and the 3rd, Princess, is even older than Captain and has some medical issues.  So when we got back I took her for a walk down the road so she could see and do something more interesting than just being in her stall or the pasture.  She was not impressed with the scarecrow.

So, food for Saturday was McDonald's for breakfast and nothing really else til dinner.  Randy & I went and picked up some brats from the grocery store.  2 brats, baked beans and potato chips.  And I may have had a couple Chips Ahoy and Haagen Daas later on that evening.

We haven't done much today.  Scrambled eggs & bacon with toast this morning and Randy is just starting up the grill for some pork ribs.  I'm going to make some rice & heat up some corn (since I forgot to grab corn on the cob!).   He's out messing around in the garage and really?  What I have I done today?  Some laundry and hung jeans out to dry.  Read some blogs about people going to FitBloggin' (I'm thinking that would be awesome to attend!!) and not much else!

I can tell how badly I've eaten this weekend, since I feel so blah.  I knew I was eating bad & didn't do a damn thing to change it.

Tomorrow I'll be right back to tracking everything and making sure I'm getting all my fruit & veggies in, this is what I've been concentrating most on lately.  Trying to get back in the groove and back on track!

I have a BIG challenge coming up.  Miss Angela is going to a big National Dance Comp on the 15-19 in Ohio.  That means several days living in a hotel and I'll be at the mercy of hotel breakfasts & wherever we go for dinner.  I plan to take snacks and such.  And since they are planning on doing a convention type thing in the mornings and competing in the afternoons, I have no idea what we will do for lunch.  We don't even have a schedule yet.  Her small group jazz was invited to perform in the competition's opening number, but we've gotten no info on when they need to be there to learn the number, when they will be performing or even what they will be wearing!!  I hate not knowing basic info like that,  I understand they just closed registration on 6/25 but they should have had the opening number worked out already!  The Regional comp they qualified at was Mother's Day weekend, and the last of the Regional comps, so they've had time to figure that much out!!  Can you tell this is a peeve of mine?  Grr.

Anyhoooo, have a great week and I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with FMM!

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