Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maybe treasures

Nothing exciting much going on today.  I stopped at a local consignment store this morning and picked up one of their $7 bags of randomness that they offer.  They're sealed Ziploc bags, so you're  never really sure what you're gonna get. 

 This bracelet is what caught my attention in the store.  It barely fit around my wrist, so here you see it on Miss Angela's wrist, where it still lingers.  I may have lost it forever. 

I haven't seen these since ~ I ~ was little!

Surprise!  A bunch of loose beads that rolled all over the table when I dumped the bag. 
I like the coral ones.  

Some of the items had tags on them, so I assume someone tried to sell them separately.  This 3 foot + string of wood beads was marked $6. 

Pretty sure this is a wine glass charm.  I'll keep it for when I hang out with my sisters!

Too bad I don't wear gold often, since I sort of like these leaf earrings (marked $8).  I am keeping them for the occasional times I do wear this tan skirt I have. 

These are just so hideous, I think I would wear them!!  They're fun-ugly!

These ginormous glass earrings were marked $12.  They were a lot lighter than I expected them to be.  But I'm not keeping them. 

Dainty-looking gold hearts. Not keeping, either. 

These I will wear.  They're pretty heavy for studs, I wonder if they're hematite? 
One pair for sure is. 

I'm not sure about the ones on the left, but the ones on the right I will wear.

This gem was marked $8 also.  I do believe it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!   GONE!

This buckle is sort of neat, but it's broken.  It could probably be made into something else. But I'm not worried about it.  Gone!

There were also a bunch of earring backings, some smaller earrings that I won't wear that I'll re-donate and some pin backings - which always come in handy for she who loses them off her dance pins (cough, cough, Angela, cough) so we'll keep those

And 2 rings.  The floral looking one is pretty neat.  It fits my pinky finger nicely. I like it but don't know if I'd actually wear it.  I don't think to put any others on.  You can see my US Navy ring on my middle finger and of course I wear my wedding rings on the other hand...that's usually it!  

And lastly, the rest of the junk.  Un-matched earrings, a tie tack with a monogrammed "M", a couple pins and a random safety pin.  Nothing valuable or useful so I'll probably toss this pile. 

When I become independently wealthy and get a bigger house (or tear down & rebuild on this lot) than our current 849 sq. feet., I'm totally going to get at least our bedroom set from this place.  They had this gorgeous 4 poster bed frame with matching armoire, dressing table and dresser made out of some sort of pretty striped wood.   I really like antiques!  They have such character and are usually made so much sturdier than what you'd find nowadays.   Heehee, they also had a huge wooden wardrobe that had a sign on it that said "enter here to Narnia"!  

Just a couple more days til we leave for Sandusky!  I haven't even started to pack for us yet.  Her costumes are together - she just needs to make sure she has bra / tights / socks and miscellaneous items like that.  I already have the map printed out and I'm taking the car in for an oil change tomorrow.  This will be the first time my car has ever been outside of Michigan and I've had it for over 12 years!  I also got us day passes for the water park at Kalahari since we're didn't get a room there.  $60 each! This place better be freakin' amazing!  I know Angel will get her money's worth but I fully expect a shirtless cabana boy to follow me around and hold my beverage for me! 

The next big excitement (after Nationals) is that Miss Angela is FINALLY going to be taking driver's training!  She was eligible at 14 years, 8 months but for the past 2 summers she's been at summer school.  I told her well before school got out this year that if she manages not to have summer school, I'll let her take it.  So I'm holding up my end of the bargain, but she has to earn the $$ for it.  Segment 1 (24 classroom hours, 4 observation hours in a car and 6 driving with an instructor) is $219 so she's gonna do some work around this place!  She mowed the lawn today, so that's a start.  

I've let her drive every time we go up to Laurie's house since she's in the middle of farm country.  So far she seems to err on the side of slow, which is OK, except for the one time I let her drive from the store and it required a left turn at a light.  The light was green and no one was coming so I told her it was OK to go.  I neglected to remind her to slow down a bit for turns, so she took it at 50 mph !!  She gave me a heart attack, but she managed to keep the car on the road and not end up in the ditch or the corn field!!!  Sheesh!  I told her she wasn't on the Top Gear track, so she doesn't need to take corners that fast! 

Good times, good times. 


  1. Hi, Lisa,
    That's a lot of randomness for $7.00. I bet you had an interesting time going through the stuff. That necklace definitely isn't something I'd be keeping either. I'm sure your daughters will enjoy learning to drive.

    1. She seems to like driving so far - we'll see how she likes the class,


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