Friday, June 27, 2014

I feel.....lost!

Ew - don't Google images for "I'm lost" - seriously depressing stuff right there!!

Seriously, I feel like I'm forgetting to do something!  I go to work. Go grocery shopping.  Run errands.  Oh wait!  I know what I'm missing!  Going to the studio!!

Recital was last week and I got a text that they have nothing scheduled except for the next 3 Mondays !!
Woohoo!  Whatever shall I do with my time??  My gym membership just expired, too.  That means I don't feel obligated to ignore housework and go somewhere else to work out. 

Is it sad that I'm miffed and really am NOT looking forward to going to Nationals?  I'm excited that all these kids worked so hard and they get to compete there, but it seems like they're going to be as jacked up as they were at Regionals.  At this moment, I can't remember what was screwed up about Regionals, but it was ridiculous.  But it seems to me that even tho the deadline for registration is June 25, you would have 
at least some info on your website, especially for the people you invited to perform at your opening number!!    When should they be there to LEARN the number?  When are they performing?  What will they be wearing?  The only info I saw on the website was the competition is July 15-19.  Lovely.  Maybe you need to be registered to get anything useful and I'm pretty sure that's for studio directors and not a dancer's mom. 

I was informed a long time ago that I was no longer allowed to make hotel reservations on my own.   I made the reservations when we went to Cedar Point last summer and the HoJo I booked was not a 5 star-establishment.  It probably wasn't even 1.5 stars.  I will never live that down!  So Randy FINALLY just got our room Tuesday night.  We're not staying at the Kalahari Resort where the comp is being held - I don't think he even tried there.  Close to $200 a night!  But the Comfort Inn is perfectly suitable and very close by.  
The main thing I'm looking forward to is visiting a cemetery that we drove by while going here & there around Cedar Point - it was one of those elaborate old ones that are so neat to explore.  Also, right down the road from the hotel!  And we're near a mall.  So when she's not dancing, there will be things for us to do.  Once we get the actual schedule - hopefully it won't be long - we may not even have to stay thru Saturday!  Yay!  I looked at last year's schedule (some of the only info on the site) and they did solos / duets / trios on one day and all the groups on the next.  They started at noon and were done with awards by 6:30.  Hmmm.  They must be expecting a bigger turnout this year?   

We heard the studio from the TV show Dance Moms was supposed to be there, but the Energy people said no. I've never watched it, but I did see a video of one of their girls dancing and she wasn't as good as some of our girls.  A friend of Angel's said she was at a comp with them and they staged the results so the TV people win, of course.  The little bit that I've seen makes me glad none of the mom's at Dancer's Only is like that!!  We are the cheering section and helping hands but let the teachers do what they do!!  

Alrighty, rant is done and I believe Randy is home, so I'm outta here!   


  1. I hate that feeling where you think you have everything done, but at the same time you feel like you're forgetting something. The busier I get, the more I get that feeling!

    1. I was so used to being on the run every night, going to the studio 4-5 nights a week, and all the errands that life seems weird NOT having to do that! My car is still on auto-pilot tho. I was going to a store in the same general direction as the studio and went past the store!


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